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Macomb Feeding The Need

Macomb Feeding The Need
CROWDRISE : Mar 31, 2017
Tax ID: 46-1112388
BASED: Roseville, MI, United States


Macomb Feeding The Need


To Feed the Needs of the Community Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit

In 2016 MANY NONPROFITS CLOSED THEIR DOORS, we lost The Hope Center and at the very least 8 other ministries that provide for the low income and homeless. We prayed for a miracle, that somehow we could weather the storm. after all we have weathered many already. We knew we are still needed, in fact NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, people need us still. We prayed and stayed open, with no idea where our funding would come from, while others closed. But, GOD IS SO GOOD and He answers prayers, God sent us Chef Bobby Robert Nahra. Chef Bobby asked us to join him on FOX 2 to bring awareness to the hopelessness of the Homeless. THANK YOU LORD for CHEF BOBBY. " For 7 years that we have been feeding and clothing individuals in Macomb County! We Partnered with Roseville Schools and started Green Urban Community Gardens  and this year we started Mats for the Homeless in which we recycle plastic shopping bags into Mats to insulate individuals from the cold hard ground. We feed on the average 100-150 per meal. WE are open to the public 3 days week, Mondays, Wenesdays and Fridays. At that time we also give out clothing vouchers and personnel care products (Soap, Toothbrushes, Deodrant, Etc..).  We also have a homeless to Housing program, to date we have successfully housed 36 families.

We still need your help to keep our doors open. Donate today 100% of all poceeds go directly to helping others. Noone recieves a paycheck here, all proceeds go to operting costs and groceries


Tax ID: 46-1112388 •


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