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Hello internet people
We are a group of young patriots looking to help America get back on track by promoting American made products free of charge. The plan is to start a website, contact all the American manufacturers and encourage them to put what they make in that website so that people can find it easily. There is no profit involved and this will not be a retail website as we will only allow manufacturers to link you to where you can buy their product. The final goal would be to promote the made in America brand.
So this is the pan:
1. Start a website: we have already done that (out of our own money), eeknay.com
2. Contact all the American manufacturers that we can possibly get a hold of, that's what most of your money will be spent on. There are a lot of manufacturers out there and it would take a considerable amount of effort and money to contact all of them.
3. Encourage manufacturers to post their products on the website, each will be granted access to the website so they can do the work themselves. You can view our catalog at catalog.eeknay.com, there isn't a lot of stuff there yet though.
4. Spread the word. We have not really gotten to that part yet, we figure the people will find the website on their own, with a little help.
Now we know what you're thinking, there are a lot of websites out there that do the same thing, but you are missing the point. almost all of these websites operate for profit and the ones that don't are merely directories where you can't find anything easily. We try to buy American every chance we get but finding these products is getting harder and harder, give it a try and you will understand what we are on about. What we want to do is have a full product listing (actual products, not companies, with pictures and everything) so that you can find exactly what you are looking for easily.
We can not stress the non-profit part enough, and if you are thinking how do you keep it up after a couple of years( we are thinking about that ) well it doesn't take that much to keep a website alive and your pledge will keep us running for well over 100 years, we are hoping things will be better than and no one will need us anymore.



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