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Madeleine Lempereur

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Cassie SAYS:
Hi Madeleine! Thank you so …
Hi Madeleine!

Thank you so much for your support!

As I head into Marathon Monday, I remember the promise I made to families fighting cancer across the country, to Carla Tardif, who has fought a battle of her own, and to the many people who have encouraged me along my journey. I promised to work for them...give them a for them, and most of all, finish this for them. I've waited over 370 days to finish the Boston Marathon and fulfill my promise. Tomorrow, I will turn right on Hereford...Left on Boylston and cross the finish line. I will run, I will work, and I will push my limits for families that need our support.

I can't thank you enough for helping me complete this journey and fulfill my promise. I couldn't do it without encouragement from people like you. Thank you so much and see you across the finish line tomorrow afternoon!
3 years ago
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Cassie SAYS:
173: The number of miles I’v…
173: The number of miles I’ve run since January 1st to train for the Boston Marathon

You’ve helped me push through every single one of them.

912: The average number of days a family has to endure pediatric cancer treatment

Your support has kept them in their houses, kept food in their cabinets, helped them get to and from treatment, and more.

110,000: The number of pediatric and young adult patients currently in treatment

On my own, I’m just running…but together, we can make a serious difference for families fighting cancer.

Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me through out my training. Tomorrow, I will run one of the longest distances I’ve ever attempted—second only to the 28+ miles I ran on the day of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

While I’m out there…you’ll each be with me. When my feet get heavy and my lungs get tired—you’ll be there to push me through the next step. As I focus on staying the course tomorrow, there will be a young cancer patient wishing they could just go outside and play….there will be a mother worrying if she will have enough money to put gas in the car and make it to the hospital for treatment on Monday morning….there will be a pile of bills sitting on tables across the country from families battling cancer and running out of resources.

I will continue pushing my own limits to reach these families and help Family Reach be their lifeline, when they need it most.

Thank you for being such an important part of this journey.
3 years ago
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Cassie SAYS:
13...16...22...13...10: the …
13...16...22...13...10: the long distance runs that remain for me between now and race day for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

On March 1st, I logged my longest run so far this year with a 20 mile race along the Northeast coast of Massachusetts. It was 3 hours and 12 minutes of battling between my body and my mind. Every time my legs yelled at me to stop, my heart answered with the reason I'm doing this: the stories of Camille, Madi, Yan, Mikalo, Ally, Carla and so many more inspiring families battling cancer, without an end in sight.

When my feet felt too heavy to lift another step, the names and faces of all of you cheering me on helped one foot land in front of the other, for one more step, one more mile, one more hour.

It's been a tough winter in Boston to train through and I thank each of your for your support. I couldn't do this without you. Together, we are providing immediate relief for families fighting cancer across the country.

Thank you so very much and know that YOU are playing a part in every step of this journey.

With much gratitude,

3 years ago
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Cassie SAYS:
Hey Madeleine! Thank you so…
Hey Madeleine!

Thank you so much for your support! How is everything going for you?! I hope all is well with you...we should totally catch up sometime while we are both still in MA!

Yesterday, I completed my longest training run of the year so far....just shy of 16 miles. As I was running by myself through the quiet roads of western MA, crossing town lines and facing the constant mental vs. physical battles that fill my distance runs....I realized what was keeping me going.

Through the many solitary miles I log during training, I'm never really alone. I'm surrounded by people like you that are encouraging me to take one more step....push through one more mile...accept the temporary pain for the greater good. I keep going, because you carry me through. Together, our efforts are helping families, locally and across the country, with the everyday hardships they face during their battle with cancer.

I run, you cheer, the families win.

Thank you for being such an important part of it all! It means a lot!!

Thanks again,

4 years ago
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Madeleine Lempereur
Levittown, NY United States
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