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Madeline Knauer-Graham

Madeline Knauer-Graham
Phoenix, AZ United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi- over the years I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a decent job and insurance to cover costs of all manner of illnesses and have a host of friends and a great family that are there for me-but this is not the case for many of our Brothers and Sisters- So many people have no friends, no family, have minimum paying jobs or insurance that just does offer the BEST treatment- just the barely minimal treatment for illnesses.  I know many people with chronic conditions that make it nearly impossible, or absolutely unfathomable to make any decent money and therefore rely on less than adequate govenrment services-so they never get really much better, they are in a constant state of turmoil and anxiety- and have no supports to help them navigate the medical world...and they often end up on the streets. 

I have known many people I love that struggle with chronic illnesses and I have watched the distress they deal with daily to try to find help- Often times they find other ways to pay for needs or to ease their pain-and this can lead to worsening the situation-

It is unimaginable to me to have to figure out where to get help and then how to get it funded when you are sick and alone- I recently had a severe illness that incapaciated me for several months- but I had great insurance and a family to help me-If I had to navigate it alone, I probably would have just given up....

So that is the motivation behind this fundraising campaign- I want to offer folks a way out, a 'leg-up', by advocationg on their behlf, being there to listen, helping with the 'red tape' of government programs, and most of all- offering HOPE and friendship.

This will take money, and man-hours, and volunteer time- and lots of people.

I would like this to become a "MOVEMENT" -to not turn anyone in "NEED" away-and spread further than my little universe here in Phoenix AZ- I need folks interested in being on a board to disperse funds and create a fleet of volunteer helpers.  I am open to all ideas to help make this a reality.

So start by spreading the word...then maybe a small donation- I do promise the money will go for what it is intended to do- I am willing to work tirelessly and use my own funds to support my time doing this-

Let's be the change we want to see....JOIN ME



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