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Our mission is to provide more support, more opportunities,and more hope, to adults with autism and their families. We accomplish this by partnering with passionate individuals, organizations, and governments to bring about creative,dynamic, and effective solutions that reshape possibilities for adults with autism. Tax ID 32-0260393


Growing numbers of adults with autism face homelessness when aging parents can no longer provide or care for them. The longer we delay, the higher the costs and the greater the economic and social toll on government, families, and businesses.  Without housing supports or other employment or opportunities for social engagement, most parents must leave the workforce to care for their adult child when school programs end. 

Madison House is one of the few - if not the only - organization in the country that is focused on addressing quality of life issues for adults with autism and their families. It was formally chartered in 2008 following five years of research invested by its founders on areas of greatest unmet need impacting people with autism and their families.  Madison House’s larger vision encompasses the many factors that are essential to creating a better future and basic quality of life for adults with autism.