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CROWDRISE : May 01, 2013
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Bridging Lost Gaps

Changing the odds for Detroit African American male students

Too many young men of color are either unemployed, in prison, or murdered. Madonna University’s Bridging Lost Gaps (BLG) program focuses on saving young Detroit men from these negative stereotypes, tragic outcomes, and limited opportunities through college access and support. The BLG program was initiated in 2011 in partnership with the Real Life 101 Fund to enroll, retain, and graduate African American male students from Detroit high schools at Madonna University. Program founder, Bryant L. George, himself an African American Detroit male, graduated from Madonna in 2010. Because of the support he received from both Madonna University, and scholarship/mentorship program Real Life 101, Bryant was committed to helping other young men, like himself, succeed in college. In 2011, the first six BLG students enrolled at Madonna. Today, the program has grown to serve more than 55 students.

BLG provides experiences that prepare young African-American males from Detroit for college and for life after graduation. Those accepted into the program are offered an opportunity to develop leadership skills and to grow intellectually, spiritually, and personally. BLG students receive numerous benefits including:

  • community support network
  • access to University student resources
  • career development/ Internship Placement
  • Pre-College Success workshops (weekend sessions during the last semester of high school)
  • Summer Bridge Program (7-week session designed to prepare students for college)
  • one-on-one mentoring (peer, faculty, and staff)
  • financial aid and scholarship support
  • Alternative Spring Break opportunities (community service-focused experiences)
  • Saturday Leadership Program
  • 7- Week Summer Bridge Program
  • Brotherhood and unity among black male students from Detroit

In addition, BLG students enjoy a safe, learning-centered college community, so that they can reach their full potential. A support network of faculty, staff, and students provides encouragement and mentoring for each student throughout their experience at Madonna. Through partnerships with local and national companies, organizations, and governmental groups, this unique program also offers meaningful opportunities to learn from industry and community leaders. 

Each year, 25 new students are selected from more than 100 applicants. Students like DeCarlo. Growing up in Detroit, DeCarlo has been robbed at gun point, fired upon, and seen close family members and friends incarcerated or in caskets. He was given the opportunity to change the cycle for himself and others when he received a scholarship to Madonna University. He has committed to being a positive role model and mentor to African American males in Detroit high schools. “Followers complain about the problems in life, while leaders talk about the solutions and how they can create change. I am one of those leaders.”

You can help students like DeCarlo become the leaders our Detroit students urgently need. Please give today.


Bridging Lost Gaps - Madonna University

Bridging Lost Gaps - Madonna…

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