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Maendeleo seeks to harness the energy, skills, contacts and other resources of Tanzanians to address the major challenges facing our people. Given the limited success of the government and the international community in improving the lives of Tanzanians, there is a clear and urgent need for additional resources. Tax ID 73-1713453


Maendeleo (meaning “development” in Swahili) is a non-governmental organization formally incorporated in 2005 by Tanzanians studying and working in the United States.  The founding members created the organization as a way for the diaspora to contribute to the development of their country.  They chose to focus on the medical field because several founders were in the medical field and recognized the challenges of developing a strong cadre of health professionals to address the health needs of the population, and wanted to help support the training of medical students. Maendeleo is a volunteer-based organization that is overseen by a Board of Directors  and Executive Co-Directors

Our goal is to work efficiently, with minimal resources expended on administration and overhead. Members acknowledge the importance of planning and measurement, and Maendeleo intends to implement only well-thought-out initiatives and evaluate the success of all initiatives with complete candor. However, we will not allow project selection or implementation to be impeded by meetings, memos or other trappings of bureaucracy.

We will undertake highly targeted initiatives through which members can realistically contribute to development. Our goal is to avoid wasting time and other resources on initiatives that are unlikely to succeed, but instead focus on clear, specific tasks through which we can have a meaningful impact.