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EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2014

Magical India


Our site - concerning India is a site for a fairytale country where everything seems like time has stopped and for which the American writer Mark Twain once said admiring its beauty - „Cradle of the human race, birthplace of human speech, mother of history, grandmother of legend, great-grandmother of traditions. The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of all the rest of the world combined”.

India is one exceptional magical land where different cultures, languages and many religions exist together in harmony.

India is one such place where the roads of spiritual and self knowledge are not only an important factor or an abstract concept but for all Indians they are part of a well thought everyday life.  

This miracle country is also the treasure - house for one of the oldest written texts in the whole world known by the name of „Vedas”. She is famous for her philosophic knowledge, fairytale legends, many splendid architectural monuments whose beauty is proof for the unlimited aspiration towards perfection.

The biggest fascination of this oriental land hides in the filled with faith prayers of the local people to their gods, in the magic of the sunrises and sunsets over the clear, calm waters of the sacred rivers Ganges and Yamuna, in the bewitching song of the birds, in the ancient traditions preserved till our times which bring peace and light in the fast and stressful everyday life and this way making an endless tie of the human with his distant roots and power of nature.

India enchants with her highest mountain filled with grandeur and covered in white snow and glass like ice peak, with her rainbow colors, with the mysticism of the music and dances, with the everyday life lessons which result in the change of the soul adjustment and human personality.

This majestic country is not only known for its aerial monument Taj Mahan - a symbol or eternal love between emperor Shah Jahan and his queen Mumtaz Mahal, but also for its strong forts like Agra, Amber, Chittorgarh and many others reminding of the glory of the past.

Her power hides in the gorgeous stone reliefs of the houses in Jaisalmer, in the enchanting aroma of varies spices and colorful different species of flowers which can be found in any street - stand on the market.

India is widely known for her tales of dignity, courage, strength and loyalty of the raj puts and by the many romantic love stories of different princess and common people, contrasts, energy, friendship and warrior spirits of the people of this nation.

India is an ancient country with a thousand years history checkered with vicissitudes which grinds people the chance of uncovering all those little things which often turn to be the biggest and most important in our lives.

This charming oriental land is the one that makes everyone dream of having the ability to turn back in time and obtaining the wisdom of what somebody has seen, what he or she has felt and experienced, to reborn in a better person.

By touching to all the marvelous things in India, the particular individual stands face to face with himself discovering not only his bad and good sides from his character and temper, but also the ability to live and cope with the pain, suffering and happiness of others. This country teaches everyone to be tolerant, spontaneous, natural, generous with all their hearts and in the same time managing to preserve their individuality.

With the help of wise gurus, India leads people to the countless roads of literature, philosophy, spirituality, history and this way helps healing and pointing the right way to the human soul bringing it peace.

India makes people overcome all the material things, learn to accept differences and listen to the distant voices of their ancestors sealed in the chants and holy books, fell the purifying power of the ritual fires, see the unity of life with death on the bangs of the city of Shiva called Varanasi, understand the eternal circle of life turning beauty into ugliness and ugliness into beauty, good into evil and evil into good.

India is that trial that forces everybody open their souls for the diversity of the world, feel happiness and satisfaction from the wonders in life and get used to the challenges and overcome them with patience and pure mind.

This site is an attempt for a connection between civilizations, people with different beliefs, cultures and languages and also an attempt of seeking worldly values needed which could result in the flowering of humanity, peace, tolerance and compassion  in our torn by conflicts world.

This site is a spiritual journey which makes everyone of us sooner or later draw up a balance - sheet for all the passing days in our life. This is a voyage in searching of the meaning of our past, present and future, spiritual freedom and most importantly - find who we really are.

We would like this site to be translated into several languages so that its content can reach out to more people around the globe so they can get a chance to learn more about the culture and beauty of this mystical land. is a project with an ideal purpose. This site has not been finance neither by public funds nor by foundation funds. The site contains more than 3000 pages and large number of pictures making of which has took not only precious time but means of productions as well. In connection with the daily updates of information about India, we need to hire a small team of people such as translators, content managers, web developers and editors so we can assure the further development of our project. That’s why we are in need of your donations.

Thanks in advance for your help, donations and your empathy!


Yours faithfully, team!

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