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Magical Place For Children

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Indrie Florin Gabriel


Childhood is a magical wonderland. We don't know when and where the journey begins and we don't know when and where it ended. We see only that only we are not children, that we have come out of childhood, sometimes without a have lived on fully ... childhood is a world of great magic, starships land, sweet, smooth, in which any can happen. Any! It is age at which we are closest to the good and all secrets of existence. We all can meet at any time with the beast with seven heads, with the old hag jacket, we can be wizards, heroes of the movie or comic book, we can visit any place in the world with our mind and believe firmly that we was there with true ...

Childhood is the only time of life in which we live everything at maximum intensity. The complain and laugh at the same day, in which we get angry with and forgive after a few moments, in which we are alone and at the same time with everyone.

Then, as the years pass, the more we grow, madness and exuberant of childhood disappear. We'll become more serious manner, we simply smile indulgently less, we are happy for any nothing which we are given, we have different tastes, claims refined ... We no longer believe in magic, we no longer believe in Santa Claus and in the bag or filled with toys, we no longer believe that our mother and father are the most extraordinary parents in the world ... 

When it begins and when ends childhood? We don't know. All we know is that, at a given moment, we have nothing to be ashamed to behave like children. We expect and we wish to be treated in the same way as adults. That person fully responsible, mature. We lose the game, our freedom, and we lose the vastness. We become our own slaves prejudices. We should have at least when it comes to souls to stay forever like children.

My childhood,was beautiful, sincere and bright. I grew up with my grandparents and parents' teachings, I grew up in a world where games on the computer did not exist, but, wasn't totally wasted hours and hours playing football in behind the house, and how many and how many more games .

So it was my childhood, with respect to teachers who put for the first time pencil in my hand, without ran with rollers on the school, without the mobile phone in the pocket of jeans.

I grew up in a village in Romania, my house was located in the forest. There, in that place where I grow up, I wish to build a "magical place". I know this sounds utopian what I want. But I would like to build a "big house", where all the children abandoned by their parents live. A place where all the poor children to benefit from all that a child needs in everyday life. I know at the moment what I want seems utopian, but i dream every day that my dream can become reality. I am convinced that if we really want, we can create the ideal world. Although at the moment I have only land, where will be built that magical place, I am convinced that in this world i will find people who can help me to build this place.

I know many will say that is crazy what I want to do, but I believe strongly that if in this big world I find 100,000 people to donate $ 1, i will be able to begin to build this dream.



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