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To provide awareness about Epilepsy. Tell individuals that Epilepsy has no social class, geographic boundaries, you can be rich or poor, tall or small, even young or old any one can get Epilepsy. Epilepsy the ”Stealth Disease,” it’s difficult to imagine how so few people know about a disease that affects so many. Without overall awareness, there is a slim chance for gaining reliable resources, community services and about all, understanding and acceptance. It’s time to recognize Epilepsy and help treat it. Take it out of the shadows of ignorance into the awareness that is so sorely needs and deserves.

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   I see they have different awareness out there what is great, like for Breast Cancer awareness month, Suicide awareness, Autism awareness, National Cancer Survivor Month and the ice bucket challenge for ALS, and the newest the Red Nose Day. I see that on the television, hear on the radio, even see it on the computer, But you never see anything about Epilepsy awareness. I want to see this happen, because I know first hand what it is like, since I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 24 years ago, when I was 12. I want to show others and inform people about it. I take 37 pills a day, my Doctors are amazed I can tolerate that much of a dose. But, I still continues to have seizures. I don't want people to be teased at, laughed at, and looked at if they are some kind of freak when they have a seizure.

   People aren't ridiculed if they are diabetics, or have ALS, and so on. I'm sure this is due to lack of knowledge of seizures. Showing them that people with Epilepsy and seizures are just like everyone else.  Well I thought who better to try and spread the word on Epilepsy Awareness, than someone whose life was changed 24 years ago. Awareness needs to be 24/7-365 days a year. Research for Epilepsy is far underfunded.

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