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Make Money Sharing Your Homemade Food

Organized by: Mohamed Abd El Aziz

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Why Should You Help & Support MealBnB? ​

- Because:-

- MealBnB Will Create Jobs.

- MealBnB Will Boost Economy.

- MealBnB Will Reduce Unemployment Rates.

- MealBnB Will Resolve Economic Crisis.

- MealBnB Will Support Families.

- MealBnB Will Be Your Family & Your Home.

- MealBnB Will Reduce Obesity By Providing Healthy Food.

- MealBnB Will Save Your Money Instead Of Going To Expensive Restaurants.


MealBnB Is a Win-Win Situation

1- If you are Unemployed or Stay-at-home Mom or Dad and have the skills of cooking.

You can work with MealBnB as a Partner and earn income from home by allowing people share your Homemade food.


2- If you will be a Customers for MealBnB you will save money by having access to affordable meals rather than going to expensive restaurants.



Is About Sharing Economy & Hospitality

MealBnB = Meal Bigger and Better

MealBnB is about Sharing The Economy

We are still suffering from the unstable economic crisis and the increasing of the unemployment rates worldwide. Destined to Become The # 1 Resource For Hosting Affordable Parties worldwide


Everyone loves a party and everyone loves to eat!


Theme parties that also offer great food are sure to be a tremendous success.


With your help, will bring people together to enjoy each other’s company and to taste new delicacies from all over the world at affordable prices.


If you love to cook and you are looking for ways to earn extra money at home, MealBnB is the answer!


If you love to host parties and are looking for affordable ways to entertain, MealBnB is the answer!


MealBnB Makes Party Planning Easy!


The economic recession has left everyone scrambling for ways to save money but still have fun.

MealBnB will help you plan the perfect party that everyone will remember for years!


MealBnB will connect talented cooks who want to host parties that are affordable with people who want to have fun.


If you want to plan an exceptional party that doesn’t cost a fortune, MealBnB is the website for you!

If you can turn a simple meal into a gourmet experience at half the price of catering services, you will start making more money than you ever dreamed possible with MealBnB!


Make Money Sharing Your Homemade Party With The World!


If you have the talent of cooking, your earning potential is limitless!


Consider the Possibilities!


Our website will be divided into 6 categories that will be full of party options satisfying everyone’s idea of a fun.


1- Global Parties:

Parties that feature the traditional food of your home country (American parties, Italian parties, Spanish parties ... etc


2- Food and Recipe Parties:

The party will carry the same name of food or recipe like = > Pizza party, Pasta party, Seafood party, Sushi party ... etc


3- Holiday and Celebration Parties:

The party will have the same name of The Public Holidays and Celebrations like = > Halloween party, Labor day party, Mother's day party, New Year's day party, Thanksgiving day party, Valentine's day party ... etc


4- Career Parties:

Based on The Career, Job or Profession of the guests or customers like = > Teaches' party, Doctors' party, Engineers' party ... etc


5- Social Event Parties:

Based on different Social Events like = >  Bachelor party, Birthday party, Lunch party, Dinner party, Anniversary party ... etc


6- Pet Parties:

Parties For all kind of Pets, Bring your pet to a party like = > Dogs, Cats, Goldfish ... etc



Our Goal is To Reach Out To The World With Our Solution!

Even in places where people have jobs, there are thousands don't have time to cook, don't like to cook – or are simply tired of cooking. 


Yet there are still those who absolutely love to cook and can turn a simple meal into a gourmet experience at half the price of restaurant meals! 


People are spending more money dining out then buying groceries! Hard-earned paychecks that could be put to better use are being unnecessarily spent on food that is often overpriced and mediocre in quality! 


Enough is Enough!


Enough Staying Unemployed.

- Enough Staying Unemployed at Home Without a Job.

If You Can Make a Salad Bowl or Sandwich or Have The Skills of Cooking , You Will Make Money From Home with MealBnB


Enough Wasting Your Money.

Enough Wasting Your Money On Expensive Restaurants and Start Saving Money On Delicious Homemade Meals with MealBnB


Everything is in Place Except Start-up Funding.


By helping MealBnB you are going to help people find jobs and work from Homes.

We have studied the market, Created a business plan, and developed a budget.


Now we are reaching out to you and other visionary investors to help us launch our site.


The funding we need will go for 


- Accounting Department.


- Marketing & Advertisements Dept.


- Calling center.


- Customer service. 


- Hosting. 


- Web Designers.


- Web Developer.


We are confident that your support will put us on a trajectory of success!


We are positioned to take the dining experience to dimensions never before imagined!


With your help – it can happen!!


Other Ways You Can Help


If You Can't Donate Just Share Our Campaign On Your Social Media Sites Like FaceBook, Twitter ... etc


Thanks & God Bless You All



To This Fundraiser


Organized by

Mohamed Abd El Aziz

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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