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P Rene

P Rene
United States
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I am not sure if this will qualify as a good deed, but I hope that my mother's tireless efforts and selflessness should be acknowledged. After watching my mother struggle for so long, I think that it is safe to say that she... well... all of us are in dire need of a miracle.
Well, before I delve into the following issues, please allow me to introduce myself and my family. I am a current university student. My mom (name will be omitted to protect her privacy), and she is something like a single parent. She works long hours every day, but the work does not cease once she leaves her job... and that's w here the struggle begins. My grandparents are advancing in age and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to continue with independent living. Being a student, I contribute whatever, whenever I can to them in terms of care... both upon her request and a sheer desire of my own. When my mother leaves work, instead of heading home; she heads to theirs and cooks dinner for them, helps with the cleaning, and tends to their every need until the wee hours of the evening. She spends so much time on her feet that her legs and feet swell to twice their normal size, and she gets numbness from this.  My mom also has chronic respiratory issues that often leave her weak and dizzy, sometimes to the point of passing out. Not only that, but we must travel a great distance alone at night to our home which is a great distance from theirs. We must also maintain our own home, because my stepfather is also in compromised health and requires much assistance. All of this is taking a great toll on my mom, because she too suffers from health complications, but somehow she still manages to reach deep within herself to soldier on to care for others around her without complaint. She often speaks of relocating us and my grandparents to a different home that is more accommodating of my their special needs, so that we can dedicate our time to taking care of them 24 hours a day and can live together in one place as a family. She speaks of her regret of not planning years back to plan to care for my grandparents in the long term, but there were day to day needs that would not allow her to save much money.  Not only is it physically strenuous, but it is also emotionally and mentally taxing, especially to leave them in the evenings, knowing what dangers they can be susceptible to once their left all on their own. Whenever there are emergencies or there's inclement weather, she must consider the choice of either making the trip all the way to their house or remaining in our home with my stepfather and it is an extremely difficult predicament. My grandpa is suffering long term side affects of prescription adverse reaction and my grandma has crippling arthritis that keeps her in constant pain and my grandpa has to do everything for her and it is exhausting for him which is why my mom is there all the time.  The conflict of the choice is often mentally, physically, and emotionally draining for her. Just seeing it, not only affects her but it bothers me as well... greatly. The most stressful thing we have to deal with is even spending holidays apart, on the road commuting to and from home so that we can spend our time with my grandparents.  We often look at reality shows of the rich and famous, and my mom always says, if she had 1/10 of that wealth, all she would want to do is build a home so that she could take care of all of us on one place. pay her bills, and be able to sleep at night.  I want to help her make that dream come true, and help her sleep at night knowing all her family is with her and she can love and care for everyone.

On top of the other issues, there are others that are almost threatening to derail our plans as well. Recently, the board of her job has decided to cut overtime, the majority of her hours, and also her benefits. So, if anyone us... my grandparents, my stepfather, or myself, has taken ill and she calls off to care for us or attend an doctors' appointments, then she will not be paid for her time off of work and this happens quite frequently. She also has spent nights in the hospital with my grandparents or her husband so that they did not have to be there alone. She often deprives herself of necessary meals and everything else she can to provide the most for us. For the last few years, my mom hasn't even taken a vacation, let alone private time for herself, because she dedicates all of her time and energy to us. Sometimes I feel that with the many sacrifices that she makes, I fear that it is taking a very heavy toll on her. For example, two years ago she suffered a mild heart attack and it was a while before she could get back on her feet to resume caring for everyone. I'm glad that my grandparents have her, because she has enabled them to continue living independently without the possibility of moving them into a nursing home. I myself have seen them and they are not every pleasant at all. My mom gets so depressed whenever she visits her mother-in-law, who currently resides within a nursing home. This experience brought my mom to vow not to place my grandparents within a nursing home, and she confides in me every day about her dream... And that is the ability to take care of them for as long as we are blessed with them on this earth. She never speaks of fancy cars or things for herself... All she wants is to experience the joy of having the family together in one home. She prays for this miracle every day. She is the very glue that is holding this family together. I am reaching out to you, hoping... PRAYING that you can help me lighten my mother's burden and make this dream attainable through donations, pledges, honestly... ANYTHING AT ALL would be greatly appreciated, not just from me... but from ALL of us. We have lost family members to neglect of nursing homes and don't want to go through it again.

I thank you for your time and consideration, and I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.


P.S.- It would mean a lot to me if you could please post this to your website so that others may hear her story. Please pass forward this to your family and friends......We need all of the help that we can get... Please help me make this dream come true for my mom and our family:}
Thank you.


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