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My name is Morgan McGough. I am a 3-time veteran of the Iraq war having served between '03-'10. I was a metal worker so I rarely went out the wire. However, I saw what came back in the wire. I remember some very specific times which I will be sharing on my youtube channel at a later date. You can find my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/morgangmcgough About me: I really just want to make metal art/sculpture. I have been trying, with no avail, to sell stuff and make it in my own town using the scrap metal the company I worked for produced. I finally "came into my own" a few months before I was "let go." So I have some sculptures ready for delivery. You can find pictures of those here. The site is up, but isn't much at the moment. ScrapsFromTheKingsTable.com Artist Statement, in 60 words or less. A whole lot more to come in the chapters down the road. Twenty two veterans a day commit suicide. I did three tours as a metal worker in Iraq. I am making my anti-war protest and raising awareness of the "collateral damage" through my art. I take scrap metal and give it new meaning, new purpose. I will be demoing my process and streaming live via the internet. Share the love. ~MM I would like to expand a little further on that statement. The puppet masters have wittingly duped the sheep into a constant state of fear so they can wreak havoc on this world. This, among many other things that will only be addressed one at a time, is destroying the world at an alarming rate. iAM no one, but I want to tell my story through my art. Art, all kinds of expression, is the spiritual awakening and I want to join in. I will be using the money as follows. Part of my campaign is to also raise local awareness as to what is happening in this world. I have made my car a mobile art statement and want to collaborate with local like minded individuals. In doing this, I will be spending a lot of time doing social media and stuff of that sort. I can make the art, now I just need an audience and in this newAge we are living in, that is easy to do, but requires a lot of time. As such, gaining employment is not an option right now if I want to make this happen. I currently have a lot on my plate, but this are only minor obstacles. They are only as big as I make them. My current situation is pretty crappy. I have felony charges pending in a Louisiana Parish court, a couple misdemeanors in the city court, and a "permanenet injunction" being levied against me in the Parish civil court. I am guilty of breaking the law, but not all of this. I am doing my best to fight what I can and will take the punishment for what I did do. I am not pleading guilty to something I didn't do just so I can go home though. Did I mention it took 6 months for me to get bail? So I am asking for a hand up. My student loans are in default, my house will be four months behind on the 1st of February, I have a major leak in my shower wall (Its seeping into the walls in the other room), and I still need a little more for my attorney fees. I have a little bit of time, so if all you can do is share or retweet, that would be awesome. Another thing I would like to do is enclose my carport to have a shop I can work in and not bother the neighbors, even if it is in the middle of the night. My parents are also having a rough time right now too. My mom. I love my mom, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxZ9BU6n39c, (whistling amazing grace was the only mothers gift I could do, after forgetting that it was Mother's Day) She received the link on her way back from El Paso to see her parents. About a year ago she fell and tore something in her ankle. It was basically a debilitating injury for a woman of her size and age. Not sure exactly, bad with names of big word stuffs. She is a teacher. Well, the recent stunt I pulled to make a "powerful statement", as noted in the polic reports, put a lot of stress on her and she quit teaching. Eighteen months from retirement with full benefits and she said, "Thats it." Thats common core and Louisiana education for you. So she got a job working in the kitchen, part time. She has a very noticeable limp and is in constant pain. At least she is not on pain pills. I am noticing her mood shifting, but in a negative direction which saddens me. Love you mom. The week after I was fired, my Dad began to have mini-strokes. He finally got on the right meds and got everything worked out, but I can tell it has messed with him. He has a roofing company, but winter is the worst time of the year, so, combine all of these circumstances together and yeah, a little overwhelming. I am just asking for a little bit to get back on my feet. Take of the immediate stuff to keep from losing everything since I was denied unemployment from my place of business of four years and then arrested shortly thereafter. ScrapsFromTheKingsTable.com "You don't know who you just fired." "Oh, I know who I fired, I fired you Morgan." I am sick and tired of seeing people with money think they can do whatever they want to people because they think they are nobodies. Forty percent of our homeless people are veterans. These guys get damaged in the war in some kind of way and then come home to see snakes crawling in the bed of the "freedoms" WE defended. Freedom and Constitutional RIGHTS shouldn't depend on the amount of money you have or the connections you have. Our Judges have a huge amount of "discretion" in order to hide the corruption in these civil and criminal suits. i, for one, am sick of it. iAM representing myself in this matter to make a "POWERFUL STATEMENT" THAT i AM NOT YOUR SLAVE. WE ARE FREE. WE ARE ONE! WE ARE LEGION!!! Again, if all you can do is share, thank you for that. I will be adding more content on my various social media platforms, so please follow along, come on. https://youtu.be/bfrP4MEXawA Whats he cookin' up over there? https://youtu.be/bfrP4MEXawA Thank you for reading my story. God bless. ~MM


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