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Why We Fight MS

Having multiple sclerosis means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up. Or that you may suddenly have impaired vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different, and devastating, for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.

Why I Walk & Why You Should Sponsor Me

In a year I've had to grapple from being able to walk to now using a walker and wheelchair. From at one point being vividly articulate, eloquently spoken; now people question if my slurring, disjointed thoughts are from being a drunkard. From working full time as a single mother and now I navigate the bureaucracy of disability whilst struggling to make ends meet.

I've watched my 7 year old struggling, reaching as high as she could, until finally her fingers found my face. She traced them across my cheek, gently upon my lips, down my neck until they lingered softly on my arm. Then I trying to remain composure through the ultimate pain of heartbreak as she whispered; "It'll be ok mommy, I'm going to take care of you and make it all better."

Sometimes in life you are put in a place for a reason; to see what you need to see and learn what you need to learn. You may not know why or even what you are to do, yet there are reasons. More often than not it's about the journey itself rather than the goal. My journey opened parts of myself that for years I refused to share with others; in turn not only helping myself but others as well. It's the exposure of myself through words and photos, showing the reality of M.S., no longer allowing it to remain a faceless void; that gave birth to a much larger group of people than I expected who now advocate and are vigilant in the fight against my disease; our disease.

For our disease reaches far beyond us; it's a disease that makes the largest impingement on those around us. It is they who watch us deteriorate. Watching the progression of a disease eat away at their loved ones knowing that there is nothing they can do except to love, support, cry, scream and go through the unseen hidden emotions of watching a slow death in process. It is they- our loved ones, our family, our friends and our caregivers who M.S. has the biggest impact on and need support just as much. With that in mind, with my daughter at my side, my mom crying silently at night, friends cheering me up when they know I need it most, with them and so many more supporting me; I stopped asking why long ago and chose to see it as an opportunity. The opportunity to be more, do more and ask others what is their opportunity?

What You Can Do

This is why she and so many others need your help, your support. The number of people living with multiple sclerosis increases every hour of every day. This astonishing rate is not going to slow down, let alone stop, until we've found a cure. Research has made some incredible promising advances recently; that have the potential to change lives, to give lives back, but without the funding, the studies are stalled.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society funds more MS research than any other private organization. In addition to supporting studies which hope to reveal the cause and course of the disease. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society also provides much needed education, programs, and services to everyone who is affected by MS - including the diagnosed, their friends and families, and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

So join our team as a walker if you are local or a sponsor! Make a donation online! Send in a check! There are so many ways to make a difference in the fight against MS, and it all begins right here, right now, with you.



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