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CROWDRISE : Apr 06, 2015
Tax ID: 45-4001689
BASED: Cincinnati, OH, United States


Bridge the Literacy Gap

Making Sense of Language Arts is an early childhood program targeted at kindergartners from at risk populations to bridge the literacy gap early. We have a track record of empowering children to develop at or above grade level skills and leave kindergarten able to read, write and comprehend simple words.

The Need:  Many of the children entering schools in low income neighborhoods do not have age appropriate language arts skills.  Without intervention those with well-below average receptive or even below average expressive ability will not be able to develop at the rate of their peers resulting in academic failure.

The Solution: 

Who:  We target the majority population that demonstrates near or average receptive ability and below average or worse expressive language arts skills.  We train volunteers available during the day to provide individualized attention to these children.  The process is mutually beneficial to the tutors as well as students, providing purpose and “helper high” to the volunteers and academic success for the students.

What:  We have developed and use the curriculum Making Sense of Language Arts which uses multi-sensory techniques to build the neurology for language.  Music, movement, art, touch etc. provide sensory links to strengthen the underdeveloped language center of the brain.  There are also phonemic awareness and comprehension components in the curriculum.

When: Tutors are oriented with one 2-3 hour workshop covering methods and materials. The tutor works with his or her student each week from early October to late April or early May, one hour per week.

Where:  Schools provide the tutoring program with the space and furniture to accommodate both students and their tutors. 

How:  After the initial testing of every incoming kindergartner they are triaged into the three groups bulleted above.  The first is referred to the principal for intensive intervention.  The second receives no intervention and the third is offered individualized, weekly, one-to-one tutoring.  Those with parental permission are enrolled in the tutoring program.  Volunteer supervision, equipment and lesson plans are provided for each session. Tutor feedback from each week determines the child’s progress for the next week’s session. 


We have a track record of empowering children to develop at or above grade level skills and leave kindergarten able to read simple words.  For the last ten years 80-100% of the students participating demonstrated at or above age appropriate skills at the end of the year and were able to read!  Children who are able to read early avoid academic failure, negative coping skills and resulting behavioral problems.  

Tax ID: 45-4001689


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