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Malawi Permaculture Support Foundation

Malawi Permaculture Support Foundat...
CROWDRISE : Dec 28, 2015
Tax ID: 30-0882199
BASED: Davis, CA, United States


Support Permaculture & Agroecology in Malawi

Malawi Permaculture Support Foundation is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting permaculture and agroecology projects in Malawi.

Malawi ranks among the African countries whose agriculture is most severely at risk from climate change, and with 80% of the population heavily reliant on subsistence farming, the country’s economic, social, and environmental well-being is in a perilous state. Exacerbating the effects of climate change are destructive agricultural practices and rampant deforestation. The results are depleted soils, decreased harvests and food security and unpredictable water cycles.

But thankfully there is hope. Permaculture and agroecology provide simple solutions to these problems by using resources more efficiently to produce more with less. Agroecology, with its cross-sector ability to target environmental, health and food security concerns, is on the cutting edge of development work.

The major partner of Malawi Permaculture Support Foundation is the Malawian Non-Governmental Organization, Kusamala Institute of Agriculture & Ecology (Kusamala), who has been working with smallholder farmers in Malawi since 2009 and has a proven track record of training groups and individuals and implementing participatory permaculture and agroecology projects across the country. Kusamala proudly collaborates with a variety of organizations and individuals and is part of the following local, regional, and international networks: Dowa District Civil Society Organization Network, Malawi Permaculture Network, and Savory Network.

Please help support our important work and protect the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Malawi.

Tax ID: 30-0882199


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