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" A political system?

or the legion of demons?"


Romanian state took my right of living!

are the the victim of a the medical and judiciary system dying man!

cobay europe-Oradea Romania

"Without faith, man remains a simple rational animal who comes from nowhere and goes to nowhere"

cobay europe.


What is the difference between animals and humans?

but the difference between dogs and humans?"

-"Fighting for equality, respect and dignity for all."

-"If you need more proof, just search on Google"

"-Blessed is the hand that gives"


-- We believe that people obtain a deeper understanding of each other and a more emotional connection when they interact face-to-face.

- Oh, and one thing! Today's answer is better than one tomorrow!

- An Act of Charity - An Act of Love - Praying an Act of Charity

Also called an Act of Love, an Act of Charity expresses our love for God

NISTOR IONEL "When we are so good, I just want to give you the greatest hug "

Who Gives More to Charity, Rich or Poor?

"Your generosity is making a difference.!"

"-give the bread! with stone not!"

Humanitarian ad to planet earth

----------------------- -----------------------------

why do people help me?

why not intervene?

why have a heart of stone?

why the poison and venom flowing your heart?

what to do? I take life?

and do that?


Distinguished gentleman, distinguished lady, the people of God, if you do not help me, send this e - mail at rich people with money who do charity!


for U,N,I,C,E,F,

Dear Madam , Monsenior , ionel nistor from Romania, a poor family that was born and die poor! Please if you are nice to study my drama on google, facebook, "knife stuck in the spine, my two viruses contamination of" b "and" c "extremely active, I grind my liver and shortens life.

"I am the victim of a medical system and the murderer murderer cobay justice system that protected the doctor killer!

It has including victim ECHR-strasbourg france!

in my case shocking malpractice rolls played romania. this influence and corruption of defective medical device act has generated a disabled and liver, including many sequels on the way, and I struggle with 27 pathologies, in 2004, when he defective operator act occurred at a clinic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

-The Distinguished CELEBRITY Bible says, "Love your neighbor as yourself. '

please help me intervening, because my life is in danger!

I struggle with the Romanian authorities criminal, corrupt influences, since the communist regime, for the social, medical, financial assistance, because we are a very poor family! darulnostru most precious on earth, the four children that God created by new parents Frank ionel% angelicawe do not have a house for children! day we make poverty and despair! I have medicine, food, clothing for children, no money for medical investigations, diet, diet, etc.

- distinguished lady will ask for help, salvatine of poverty, disease and despair only you decide if you want to help us! Bible study with his family for 25 years, and we are extremely the faithful family, and I ask my friend to open his heart to Jesus Christ as the distinguished lady , to help us and save!

nistor ionel and family resperct.

My address is:


STR., SUCEAVA, no. 69, AP,




PHONE CONTACT Nr,0741-740806


please give me a reply to this e-mail strict!

This e-mail does not require waiting!

please respond to my request yes or no!


o my God is a surgical knife scalpel knife vertebral spine

- Researcher admits to the medical and incompetent after leaving a surgical knife into the body NISTOR IONEL accidentally during surgery


the attention

stay in prayer and meditation, but I need money for food and medicines, investigations, and a home for children!

My health depends on the money! My handicap allowance is 60 $ / month and can not survive!, help me distinguished lady!, I thank you for these courses, but again I need money to save my liver and spine, plus other sequelae that remained after sepsis, and medical care the doctor killer looked a scalpel knife stuck in my lumbar vertebral column in which he stayed for 3 years!

Please in the name of Jesus Christ, save me distinguished lady ! up to 58 years I have not tasted joy and happiness on this earth, and my children suffer greatly!

with love and peace in Jesus Christ,

cobay europe


In Romania decline ethics of the medical profession. My comments medicalea joined describe ethical degradation. If in ancient times, doctors do not promise to make abortion today, today doctors in romania are abortion and use their profession in the service of death, euthanasia, assisted suicide, sex change biology, artificial insemination, etc. The profit comes first and medical Ethics in second ...


I STILL BELIEVE! I don't know what you're facing today but this one thing I DO KNOW- God hasn't changed. He still shuts the lions mouths! He still parts Red Seas! The problem with this generation is we're oftentimes so complacent and comfortable that we believe a miracle is defined when God prevents bad things from happening and He makes our lives easy! Easy isn't always better. The glory of a loving powerful God is best demonstrated when we walk right into a fire and He prevents us from being burned! He is a strategist and He knows how to deliver you! Take a risk and believe Him for something so big that you'll look like an idiot if He doesn't show up! He still opens deaf ears! He is still in the business of resurrecting dead things! He can still call to the four winds and blow fresh wind onto your impossible dead situations! We don't have to be bound to sin, we can be FREE. Completely free! Free from fear! Free from apathy! Free from the norma...


Scalpel left in column


Oradea Ionel Nistor asks a famous surgeon Cluj 200,000 euros and pay an annuity, accusing him of malpractice because the doctor forgot a piece of scalpel in the body. The trial started Tuesday in Cluj Tribunal.


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Ionel Nistor, who is representing himself in court, said Tuesday that he was operated on February 7, 2004 at spine and the head of the Neurosurgery Clinic of Cluj-Napoca, Stefan Florian, who left a scalpel blade body, extracted three years after doctors Bucharest Elias Hospital.

"Because of this problem, I was retired and must borrow from banks to my family. Lama could seriously affect my health, being in the column vertebrale.Daca will not win in the courts of Romania, I appeal to the international, "said Nistor.

Physician advocates have argued in court that the team that operated on Ionel Nistor can not be accused of malpractice because, under the law, doctors are not guilty of patients suffering products because of hidden defects of medical devices.

For now, Ionel Nistor did not say if it will turn against the company producing the knife in question.

Next time the trial was set for February 5, 2008.

Broken scalpel surgery

Ionel Nistor was operated in February 2004, the Department of Neurosurgery in Cluj-Napoca, after column vetebrala lumbar area was infected with Staphylococcus "aureus".

During surgery, scalpel blade, 4 inches long and 0.5 cm wide, broke, which recorded the incident report operator. Trying to recover blade punctured Dr. Claudius Matthew Finger emergency and was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Cluj Oradea was suspicious because of hepatitis.

At the first hearing of the trial, the accused Nistor Stefan Florian that, after the incident with the surgeon Matthew has continued to seek passage of the knife broke. For three years, NIST accused back pain, and earlier this year made an X-ray at a clinic in Oradea, doctors discovered the knife spine tip.

In late March, Ionel Nistor had surgery again, Elias University Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, doctors extracting the knife.

"Operation very hard"

Surgeon Stephen Florian, former head of the Department of Public Health (DPH) Cluj, said that immediately after breaking scalpel blade, made an inside job Fluoroscopy, but because of other instruments medicalefolosite after surgery, broken knife was not observed .

"You have to understand that the knife is very thin and carbon. I do not think I can be accused of malpractice as scalpel blade fracture, because this is due to a defect in the instrument. On the other hand, I acted in good faith in an emergency situation, given the condition of the septic patient. I worked in a 20-centimeter incision length and 12-15 cm depth in a magma of muscle destroyed much blood and pus. In these circumstances, it is impossible to identify a fragment millimeter. "Said neurosurgeon Stefan Florian. The doctor said that some tried to "fall to the peace", asking money before trial.

Ruled on the case and Cluj Medical College. He decided not to proceed as requested by Ionel Nistor is not a malpractice case. Ionel Nistor appealed the decision, but Cluj Medical College remained in place.


what a rich man to you?

is a the hyena that eats everything, s

the difference between a wild animal and a wealthy man?

is not a difference!-more after d

and then ask!?

what is man, and who is dog?

aware that Jesus Christ gave his life for you rich!

recommend, suggest a control over 3.5 billion neurons, and attention:-preservative solutions!

Why rejoice that Jesus Christ gave His life for you?

need to pray and are you crying in this great resurrection of the celebration!

you eternal life if you do not carity fact

"Your generosity is making a difference."


much attention!

God the hits of one is cancer!

not play with God and faith!

Much love and blessings,


motto:" Trust in Jesus Christ, he will come to your aid!!! Keep your faith!!! God bless you!!!"

Donates how much you let the you heart!


Sub $ 50

$ 50 - $ 100

101 dolari - 250 dolari

Peste 250 $


"LOVE love your neighbor as yourself"!

"jesus christ "


Dear God,

For those who grieve someone they love,

please bring them peace.

May their inner eye be opened to the non-reality of death,

the eternal nature of life,

and the endless bonds of love.

May their hearts be comforted

and their tears be wiped away.





Dear God,

I place in Your hands the mistakes of my past.

I acknowledge my errors,

for which I take full responsibility.

I pray to be guided toward appropriate amends.

Thank you for Your infinite mercy,

through which the consequences of my missteps will thus be undone.

And so it is.


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please give me a reply to this e-mail strict!

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please respond to my request yes or no!

"Love your neighbor as yourself?"


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