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Mama na Mama (from a mom to another)

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I read a testimony from a young woman who went to Central African Republic, a country torn by violence, to study the current situation in there. I was brought to tear by her story and the story of women and children who are always the target of this kind of violence. Having been a victim of sexual abuse myself, I can only imagine what these women are going through. When I come across this type of stories on the news or through listening to someone I feel rage going through me. I feel like Xena going around and castrating all males. I know this is not a good permanent solution but this is how I feel. With my birthday coming up I really don't need anything. Rather, I want to do something for mothers of young children and women who have given birth through sexual violence. I want to offer them feminine pads, diaper cloths, clothes, shoes, meals, vitamins and more...Your donation is tax deductible. C.A.R Renaissance Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, will use the funds to provide the items mentioned to the women affected.

Here's a link to the testimony mentioned above. It's in French but you could maybe use google translate to get a general idea.

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