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man down on luck needs your help with medical and back rent

Organized by: ira baugher

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I got hurt on the job some time ago .I had to have surgery.went l was recoving My wife ask for divorce.with out two income coming in l had to get second job.I was doing a good job of keeping up with my bills. But one morining'on my way to my first job my side started to hurt bad.I Went the hospital my appendix had to come out.I lost a week pay at both jobs.So I started to fall behind on bill with the Addition to the new medical bills.working in paying for what I could I was doing good .then a year late a guy I was work with got murca working with it uncovered I got it ,it start to turn up here in their each time having to go to the doctor to have it opened up to drain it.It was about 10 or20 times of having to opened and drained .THe last time I had it drained I got up in the morining and my hand started to swelled up. I call doctor in told them about it and they told me watch it if it got any big to to the hospital. Later that day it swelled all the way up to the of my arm ,so headed to the hospital were they said it had infected my blood and I would have to stay until they chase it out.2 weeks went by in they chased it out .now another 2 weeks with out pay from both jobs more medical bills.I started to fell way behind.with paying the medical bill I started let my rent fell behind 1 month then 2 months then 3 months I payed some but not all My landlord said they would work with me so I payed a little each time .A year later it come back I had to go back to the hospital again this time they took a piece out of my hand and they told me I had to stay in the hospital until the peace they take out of my hand back grow back. It grow back and the infection was gone.more weeks in the hospital no money coming in felling more behind. Before I could leave they run all kinds of test on me. They end up finding spots on my lungs.2 on side and 3 on the other one .They tkink it may be cancer but the spots are small to tell for sure .So now I have to go in have test run every 2 or 3 month to make sure they are not grown . More and more money out to doctor bill less and less come in .Falling more and more behind on my rent.I had to pay the doctor bill so I could kept going back for test.I was only taking time off from my second job for the test. So they ended up laying me off .Now with only 1 job I can't make my rent and doctors bills.I've trayed to find another job, but with time I have to be at work and having my test run I could not find one that will work. I was told you can't get unemployment when you get layed off when you work 2 jobs So the last 5 or 6 months I have not been UnAble to pay for stuff .my landlord has to work with me but I falling behind They added up the back rent in said they could not help me any more they give me until the end of month to pay all the back rent or they were going to set me out .I looked around but can't find a cheaper place. So a friend told me about this website and told to give it a try.So if you can please help me.if you was wondering how I got internet I am at the library were it free to use thanks.


Organized by

ira baugher

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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