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Lilian Liveris' Fundraiser:

Environment & Recycling festival for the children of Nicaragua

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Lilian Liveris


Festival Manos unidas

Why & for who
A festival that educates the young between the ages of 5 and 18 years old in a creative way about the condition of the world. There is a great need to preserve the environment and sustain the Eco system. With this festival we want to teach the children, the future of all of us to take good care of the planet that gives us so much. We want to organize this festival because there is not enough environmental education in Nicaragua.

A collaboration between two cultural organizations in Managua and Ticuantepe that will contribute to the environmental awareness in Nicaragua. Cultura Quilombo and Atellier Favela join forces to help make a difference. We believe that the children are the future and want to create a opportunity for these children to learn and appreciate the power within themselves to make a change.

We will organize Festival Manos Unidas from the 13th until the 17th of may 2013, and will be opened by the Director of Culture. The festival will take place over six days. The first five days will be all about education. Experts will be giving presentations about the Eco system and how to preserve it. They will do this at the nearby schools in Managua and Ticuantepe. We wants to involve the schools because it is such an important part of the children’s life. A collaboration between the schools and the two cultural organizations will, provide a platform to create opportunities for more social and cultural development in Nicaragua.

One months prior to the festival experts will visit the school in Ticuantepe once a week and give art workshops with recycled materials. The art pieces that the children will make, will be displayed at the day festival on day six. In Managua five days before the festival experts will give presentations about the environment with a musical ending of the day.

The daytime festival will take place at Café Quilombo on the 17th of may at 12.00 pm until 20.00 pm. The festival will contain activities that will show how the children can help save the planet and how they, in time can educate the next generation trough various creative activities.

Opening festival Manos Unidas                                                                                                 time: 12.00 pm-12.15 pm
Director of Culture will open the first festival Manos Unidas.

Exposition ‘Vision of children’                                                                                                     time: 12.15 pm/6.00 pm
The pieces of art that the children make at the schools will be shown for everyone to enjoy. Every art piece has a story about how the children can change the future. At the end of the festival the most inspiring art piece will receive a price. This way the children will be motivated to participate and be more involved.

Chris Jordan photo exposition                                                                                                 time 12.15 pm-6.00 pm
Chris Jordan is a photographer that travels the Pacific Ocean. His latest work is about how the animals of the Pacific’s, get poisoned by the plastic that people throw away in the Pacific sea. His work will be displayed and trough the pictures the visitors will have a better understanding on what is reality.

The Eco system                time:    1.00 pm- 2.00pm.       2.15 pm/3.15 pm.        3.30 pm/4.30 pm
A debate where the children can participate in thinking and debating on how they can do better. This debate can stimulate their own minds on how to be creative in finding a solution about improving the Eco system of today. This way they will be more conscious about the environment.
‘The Plastic world room’                                                                                                       time:12.00 pm/6.00 pm
A movie theater style venue where there will be a short film shown during the day, called The Plastic world. The film is about how plastic is destroying the planet and that the environment is suffering. It shows what will happen to the world if we all continue to mass-produce plastic and not recycle. This film will open the children’s eyes, about what is happening all around them. This film will help them realize that they are the solution

Workshop Music                          time: 1.00 pm- 2.00pm.       2.15 pm/3.15 pm.        3.30 pm/4.30 pm
This workshop shows the children how to be creative with material that you can easily recycle in a fun way. They will learn how to make music instruments and actually get to use them. This way they will be stimulated to use their creative minds and improve their motoric skills. They will be more conscious about how effective it can be to re-use materials for a good cause instead of throwing it away and polluting the planet.

 Workshop ‘Make it your own’  time 1.00 pm- 2.00pm.       2.15 pm/3.15 pm.        3.30 pm/4.30 pm
In this workshop the children will have the opportunity to re-create old worn-down clothing items they were ready to throw out. Taking something old and be able to make it as new again, will show the children that there is more than one life to everything. They will learn certain techniques like using stencils, how to paint and how to use knotting techniques.

Next to the various activities that will take place at the day time festival, there will also be different performance acts. Such as,

Fashion show La Salomé                                                                                                   time: 05.00 pm-5.30.30 pm
Miss Salomé is a Dutch artist that works together with Nicaraguan women that make new fashion out of second hand clothing. These items will be shown during a spectacular fashion runway.

Música en nos Barrio                                                                                                                  time: 5.45 pm-6.30 pm
Nicaraguan children formed a band together with recycled music instruments that they made by hand.  They will give a amazing show during the day festival.

Capoeiera Show                                                                                                                           time: 6.45 pm-7.15 pm
To heat up the festival there will be a mind blowing Capoeiera performance brought to the visitors by Cultura Quilombo and Atelier Favela.

African Dance group                                                                                                                      time: 7.30 pm-7.50 pm
Also brought by Cultura Quilombo and Atelier Favela, a beautiful African dance that will bring out the rhythm in.

Closing speech Festival Manos Unidas                                                                                    time: 8.00 pm-8.15 pm
Speech will be giving by one off the founders of Cultura Quilombo, miss Lucy Dale. She will thank the visitors and media for their involvement and interest in the vision we want to achieve with of Manos Unidas.

Maffia Funk                                                                                                                                     time: 8.15 pm- 9.00 pm
A band that will have the honors of closing the festival. They will give an melodic performance that will make everyone dance. We’ll celebrate the importance of the festival Manos Unidas in Nicaragua



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