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Giving Manual a better life

Organized by: Jay Gonzales

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Let me introduce you to my baby boy...he was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 5. Our struggle was very real and extremely heartbreaking. This is our story: One month prior to the doctors finding his cancer, he became very ill very sudden. He was playing cars, suddenly and out of no where he doubled over with severe stomach pain and began throwing up. I took him into the doctor; they sent him home saying he had a stomach virus. Two days later I took him into his regular doctor and again I was told he was constipated and had a stomach virus. For the next two weeks I took him into the doctor several times and even switched physician's because I didn't feel we were getting the proper answers. After our 6th visit I was told if I brought him in again I would be investigated by the county for putting my child thru so many visits. So I switched doctors and hospitals immediately. For the next two weeks again I was taking him into the doctor several times still feeling they weren't giving him proper care or trying to find an answer. Again on his last visit to his regular doctor they brought in social workers and told me my child was at one point in fact ill but he was a very smart 5 year old and He learned how to use me for attention. That I needed to quit running to him every time he cried In pain. That if i brought him in again, he would be removed from me because he wasn't sick and i was enabling him to act this way which was very unhealthy. I was also told that we had an unhealthy relationship. Now keep in mind that for 4 weeks my child was throwing up daily, crying in pain, and had blood in his stools. I'm pretty sure that no matter how brilliant they thought he was there was no way he could make those things happen to his body for attention. But at that point it was an answer so I went home and told the family not to pay attention to him when he was crying in pain. That lasted for about an hour. I could not listen to my child cry and not do anything about it. So I rushed him into the emergency room at children's hospital. At that point after 5 weeks of watching him be sick I was extremely angry. I demanded they do anything and everything to find me an answer. So they did. They done an ultrasound and more blood work. They found his white blood cells were extremely off and that he had massive air bubbles in his tummy. They thought he had appendicitis and that his intestines were telescoping. They took him into surgery where they found a tumor the size of an adult mans fist in his small intestine. He was hospitalized for 7 days and immediately started on chemotherapy. He than came home for 3 days only to go back for his treatments. We spent the next 5 months living at children's while they treated him. He would come home for a few days inbetween treatments but would end up back in due to fever. He completed all treatments and Now in remission. I am trying to give him a better life. But medical Bill's haunt us and I'm Now a single mother. His father apparently couldn't handle the stress and We just fell apart. I have been trying to pay Our Bill's on a one parent income but am drowning fast. No child support or help from His father. He has actually turned to heroin and No longer comes around or even visits His son. So, I have since been paying what I can on the portion of costs that our insurance didn't cover. Plus housing and food expenses. My child deserves a better life without the struggles. Anything will help us. For every dollar we receive, we will donate 10 cents to children's hospital per my sons request. He is now and forever will be MY HERO.


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Organized by

Jay Gonzales

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