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MYTEAM TRIUMPH's Fundraiser:

Marathons with Meanings



Why & what are “Marathons with Meaning”?

The “Marathons with Meaning” campaign began with my quiet, off radar efforts to include ‘rider-athletes’ in the marathon races I am participating in. For the last 3 years I have quietly impacted the lives of disabled children, their families and other runners in cities across the country with the simple mantra of “inclusion and inspiration.”

I started running the hard way: by training for a marathon at age 52, overweight and out of shape.  After running my 1st marathon at the age of 53, I was bitten by the marathon bug.  Though I took over 5 hours to run that 1st marathon, I decided my goal was to qualify for The Boston Marathon.  After failing many times to run a qualifying time in marathons throughout the U.S., I finally succeeded.  At the age of 55 I qualified for Boston.

But just as my passion for the sport unfolded and I made my long sought goal, a client who’d also become a dear friend of 20+ years was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  At a meeting, Scott asked me to run Boston as a fundraiser for cancer research.  I helped Scott and a team of dedicated volunteers complete a final fundraiser, raising substantial funds for research before Scott died.

Marathons are about finding an inner strength, something more when you think there is no more to give…to overcoming the urge to quit.  Although Scott lost his battle to cancer, he never quit fighting and now I no longer looked at running as a solitary endeavor. 

I found a new running direction and a challenging idea…to give a disabled person a chance to compete in a marathon.  My goal was to give a rider-athlete child an opportunity to compete in a marathon of their own.  With the assistance of Ainsley's Angels of America, I was able to help a young lady and her family to experience the extreme sense of accomplishment and camaraderie associated with competing in a marathon.  In 2012, Taylor completed her first marathon in Las Vegas with the help of my arms and legs.  Since then I have assisted disabled children as rider-athletes to marathon completions 10 times in locations from San Diego to Denver.

This November 15th and 16th , with the support of Merrill Lynch, my employer for the past 26 years, I will make a go at breaking a world record by running a 100 mile ultra marathon while pushing a series of disabled children.  This is my way of providing a once in a lifetime experience to disabled children.  At the same time, as a First Vice President –Wealth Management Advisor of Merrill Lynch I can celebrate their momentous 100 year anniversary; 100 Miles/100 Years, both very inspirational and impressive.  Positively impacting families and children has always been my passion at work and home.

How will “Marathons with Meaning” campaign be executed?

My goal is to encourage and inspire the athletes, families and other runners to see that extraordinary things can happen to anyone.

The “Marathons with Meaning” and “Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100” campaign will be designed, planned and implemented around the following runs in 2014:

- PF Change Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon January 19th with rider-athlete Rylee.
- San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon June 1st with rider-athlete Erin.
- Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon June 21st.  Completed with rider-athlete Jackson.
- Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon August 31st.
- Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 12th.
- Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon October 19th.
- Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100, 100 miles in 24 hours, November 15th & 16th.
- Seattle Marathon November 30th.

The Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100 Miles in 24 hours

This Ultra will start November 15th and finish with the 26.2 miles of the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon November 16th.  All children who have been rider-athletes in prior races with me and any additional rider athletes and their families who want to participate will be invited to come to Las Vegas and participate in the 100 mile ultra.  My goal is to push rider-athletes for 100 miles in 24 hours and to have each rider-athlete be pushed in the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon or ½ Marathon to completion by an “Angel” athlete pusher.


To inspire and encourage special needs kids and their families.
Raise the awareness in the running community of the needs of disabled runners.
Increase the awareness among the disabled, their families and organizations that help and represent the disabled of runner opportunites.
Create an infrastructure so that runners, rider-athletes and equipment (jogging strollers) can come together at races in a seamless program and runners can easily ‘opt in’.

How To Support Our Efforts

If you would like to support our efforts to push children in the Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100 in Las Vegas November 15th and 16th and Ainsley’s Angels of America’s Efforts to support the children and their families…

Please click here the orange button above. 

All donated money will be used to fund the transportation, logistics and jogger strollers for children and their families who will be rider-athletes in the Ultra.  No funds will be used to support myself or any of my expenses.  All of my expenses for the campaign are self-funded.

Rider-athletes, “Captains” and runners, “Angels” are welcome to contact me for inclusion in the Ultra 100. or 425-462-5625 work.


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Peter, Michelle, Kevin, Evan and Eric Kline

Peter, Michelle, Kevin, Evan and Eric Kline

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