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ELEPHANTS DC's Fundraiser:

Support Our March for Elephants in Washington, DC!



EVENT DATE: Oct 04, 2015



In early October, citizens in more than 100 cities around the world will take to the streets to rally for elephants, rhinos, and other animals endangered by poaching.  We’re working hard to make sure that Washington, DC — the hub of our Nation’s government — is an essential part of this movement. And we need your help!  

This is a crucial time for elephants, who face extinction in as little as a decade as poachers kill one elephant every 15 minutes to feed the global ivory trade.

And with key proposals to ban ivory sales in the works, including by President Obama, California, and the District of Columbia, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness and show support in our Nation’s capital. The world will be watching!

You can make our Third Annual International March for Elephants in Washington, DC the biggest and most successful yet.  We’re crowdfunding to raise funds for the supplies for our march and rally, including banners, a stage, sound equipment, and other items.

As a special thank you for donating, we’re offering perks — including an exclusive t-shirt design — for certain donation levels.

Your donation, no matter how small, will help us make our march in DC a reality. Donate now!

For more details about our event, fundraising goals, and perks, see below.  Please also consider joining us for the march on Sunday, October 4!


Elephants are being tragically, systematically wiped from our planet by a vicious poaching epidemic that knows no bounds. We’re losing 35,000 elephants a year to feed the brutal demand for ivory trinkets.

Elephant poaching funds terrorist organizations that threaten our national security, and endangers entire ecosystems that depend on elephants for their continued existence.

We’re marching because our government needs to know that we, the people, will not tolerate a world without elephants. You can help us send that message. Please support us today!


As the world’s second largest consumer of ivory products, the United States is playing a very real role in elephants’ impending extinction.

Luckily, the tide is starting to change. President Obama has recently proposed new regulations that will ban nearly all commercial ivory trade across state lines in our Nation.  

At the same time, many states and local governments are taking action to ban all ivory sales within their borders right now, with legislation in progress in California, the District of Columbia, and Delaware, among others.  

But the news isn’t all good. Some politicians in Washington are fighting back hard against restricting the ivory trade. They seem to believe that elephants aren’t our problem.

That’s why it’s more vital than ever to march in Washington, DC. Starting at the Lincoln memorial and ending at a rally before the White House, our march will symbolize the will of the American people to protect our world’s last elephants.  


Previous Elephants DC marches  have been a great success. This year, we’re working to line up another incredible series of speakers for our rally before the White House, including lawmakers and government officials working to ban the ivory trade; artists; musicians; and world-famous elephant conservation experts.

We’re working around the clock to make all the pieces come together to make this a truly unforgettable rally for the elephants. But we need your help to fund the equipment, supplies, and other expenses that underlie the event.  

Our march budget breaks down as follows:

  • $1,000:  Banners and promotional materials (e.g., fliers, formal invites for prominent guests), so we can boost our attendance, and look great while we march! 
  • $2,500: A professional stage for our distinguished guest speakers, for our rally in front of the White House
  • $3,000: Sound equipment for the speakers and musicians during our rally. 
  • $800: Transportation for our performing musicians and key media representatives who will help our march get the coverage it deserves.
  • $200: Water bottles for thirsty marchers.
  • $3,000: T-shirts, which look great, and help us fundraise even more for elephants!
  • $500: Credit card/processing fees. 

If you help us raise more than our goal, or if we receive donations for some of the items we’ve budgeted for, all other funds will go towards our general fund such as for our upcoming program to help elephants in the field in Gabon, and our ranger scholarship fund.

Please support us today!


Any donation is appreciated — but as extra appreciation for larger donations, you’ll get a choice of a sticker and/or an exclusively designed, beautiful elephant t-shirt (generously designed by the talented Jessica [Lastname + link]).

Check out the “perks” section to the right to see the designs. They are trumpet worthy!



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