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Team Travis and Texas Army Bataan Memorial Death March

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EVENT DATE: Mar 25, 2012

Eric D'Aguanno



On March 25th, 2012, Texas Army ROTC is sending a team to the annual Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands, New Mexico. The 26.2-mile March pays tribute to the thousands of soldiers forced to endure the hellish 60-mile march to Japanese prisoner-of-war camps in the Philippines during World War II. As future Army officers, these cadets recognize the storied tradition they must uphold and would like to honor those whose sacrifices form the very fabric of the United States Military.

To further honor our fallen soldiers and veterans, Texas Army has partnered with the Travis Manion Foundation to continue their mission of Honoring the Fallen by Challenging the Living. The Bataan team and the Travis Manion Foundation have a common purpose, and these cadets have pledged to use their efforts to raise funds to support the Foundation.

Their team is formed from Texas Army’s 1st place Ranger Challenge team, which has been selected as one of eight ROTC programs in the nation to compete at the international Sandhurst Competition at West Point this April.  The rigorous competition involves some of the finest cadet training programs in the world.  With their team’s winning history and the distinguished backgrounds of its members—from Airborne and Air Assault graduates to Army Combat Diver candidates to combat veterans—they are poised to claim another victory in the desert of New Mexico.

The foundation has three main programs in which we accomplish our mission: 

  • Honor the Fallen- After the casualty officer leaves and support fades, families are left with a loss that forever changes their lives.  The Travis Manion Foundation offers opportunities for children, parents, spouses, siblings and battle buddies to honor their loved one by challenging themselves in uniquely personal ways.  We also partner with the Mission Continues to offer a program that keeps the spirit of service and love of country alive for every Fallen Hero.
  • Character Does Matter - Is designed to challenge young men and women to look for the moments in their lives where they can do good – to recognize both big and small decisions as opportunities to stand up for others, defend what’s right, and help those around; to encourage each and every person to ask themselves “IF NOT ME, THEN WHO…”
  • 9/11 Heroes Run- Run.  Volunteer.  Donate.  Cheer.  But most of all Honor.  Inspired by Travis' visit to Rescue Team One in New York City before his final deployment to Iraq, the Travis Manion Foundation holds 5K runs to honor September 11th.  The annual 9/11 Heroes Run is held to remember, honor and support our men and women in the Armed Services, Police, Firefighter and emergency responder communities who protect and serve our country every day. 

In addition to these programs,  TeamTravis is designed for individuals who identify with and are inspired by Travis Manion's "If not me, then who.." spirit. Challenges consist of marathons and half marathons, triathlons, cycling events and other athletic competitions in various locations throughout the country,  in which members join the team and raise money and awareness for the Travis Manion Foundation. 

The foundation also "Continues His Mission" through Scholarships, Greif Seminars in partnership with TAPS, and service projects.

The selflessness and spirit of service that Travis and all of our Fallen Heroes had continue to be the driving force behind the foundation.  To learn more about Travis click here.

To learn more about the foundation, its programs, and events please visit

For more information about Texas Army ROTC at the University of Texas at Austin, visit their website or check them out on Facebook:

More information on the Bataan Memorial Death March: 


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