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Plain and simple, cancer sucks

Directly or indirectly, it has probably impacted every single person we know... and a cure is no where in sight

The problem is that it's constantly mutating, changing and evolving. Think of it as world of scientists and researchers, armed with nothing but a rifle, trying to shoot a target the size of an ant,  that can move at mach 3... Not easy right?

MMF was created to help keep the worlds leadings scientists, researchers ,and clinics guns loaded, with there sights set  on demolishing ovarian cancer. 

My goal is to raise as much money as possible, then target an area of research / treatment development that our team believes is closest to a break through

So if your feeling charitable or just have been haggled by someone of the MMF team, thank you for your donation.  We may not find a cure for cancer anytime soon, but in the spirt of honoring the person in who this organization is named after, we sure as hell won't stop trying





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