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Maria Evans

Maria Evans
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Application of the seal mixer on the Asphalt driveway is a task of responsibility. All the possible instructions and application procedures need to be kept in mind while applying the seal mixture. That’s why a collection of the steps in the parking lot maintenance procedures is available for you to keep in handy. So next time while applying the sealer to the repairs to Asphalt driveways new jersey do keep these steps in mind.

The seal dimensions for application

A driveway sealer pail covers around 350 (feet)2 . The thickness of the seal and its permeability affects the coverage of the driveway.

Steps in applying the seal mixture on driveway

  1. Firstly clean all the dirt and the debris on the driveway that might interfere in the sealing process. So the surface must be squeakily clean before the sealing process begins.
  2. All the edges alongside the turf areas must be molded including the trimming of the shrubs. Marking all the surfaces that do not require sealing. Included amongst these are: bricks, surfaces that are concrete, and gutters. So anything that might be interrupting with the sealer must be held out. In order to make the driveway edges more smooth a brush can also be used to apply the seal mix.
  3. Sealer buckets are widely available in the market. After choosing from the effective sealer the first step starts with the opening of the bucket. Open the bucket and pour the mix from side to side. At least a 6 inch thick sealer layer must be applied to ensure that cracks are completely filled.
  4. It is advised to begin the sealing process from the garage and then proceed towards the streets.
  5. Use a squeegee tool for the driveway to spread the seal mixture alongside the driveway length. Similarly repeat the same procedure in a perpendicular style.
  6. Make sure that the seal mix covers the 100% surface of the asphalt.

A point to keep in mind

For a person who is inexperienced in the sealing process read more, it is a note that applying the seal mix is a continuous process and cannot be stopped once it is started.

Sealcoating a continuous process

As the seal mix is poured onto the driveway surface, spread the mix evenly so that it does not dry promptly in the air. It is important to follow the standard dimensions while coating the seal.



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