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Hello you beautiful people! Due in great part to the likes of you (aww), I'm lucky enough to be able to say that I have everything I need and most of the things I want (still waiting for Mr. Gyllenhaal to realize we're meant to be, but that can wait) and all this at the ripe ol' age of 20.

Unfortunately there's an upsetting amount of people in their teens and twenties who can't say the same. These are young people who have done nothing more or less than the rest of us to deserve the struggles that they face on a regular basis, ones that most of us haven't and will never have to worry about overcoming in our lifetime.

No, I'm not talking about young kids across the pond in the developing parts of the world. I'm talking about young people in Toronto, kids in our very own city.

That's why I'm asking you guys - my friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends - to donate to The Yonge Street Mission Evergreen Centre for Street Youth. I worked in their nursery last summer and took care of the beautiful babies and toddlers of the youth who came to Evergreen for help: be it financial, medical, or just to get away from the dangerous lifestyle they'd been thrust into on the streets.

Evergreen provides the resources and support these young people need to pursue better lives for themselves and, for those who have them, their kids. Just because they weren't born with the same opportunities as us doesn't make them any less deserving of them. Helping them is helping our city, and I firmly believe that to change the world there is no better and more important place to start than at your doorstep. There is also no better way to change the future than with our youth.

I know many of us are students who struggle enough with our finances, but I promise you that donating $20 to this organisation will make an impact that will make skipping out on the bar this weekend worth it (I may have just spared you from a series of drunk text messages you could never take back - you're welcome).

If you'd like to find out more about the organisation, you can check out them out at Feel free to get in touch with me as well if you've got any questions about my work with them, and/or the organisation itself (or if yknow you just want to see my pretty face).

Thank you for having read/skimmed through this, thank you for being a part of my life, and thank you, by donating to Evergreen and the kids who go there, for being a part of theirs.

P. S. I'm hoping that this little spiel here proves to be completely unnecessary and extra, but I'd like to urge those of you who may be dissuaded by the religious connotations of this organisation to just let it go. These wonderful people are doing what they're doing through the most pure and honest part of themselves: their faith. They are in no way discriminatory or using this organisation as a means by which to force religion upon the people who come to them for help. If you don't believe me, take into account that YSM accepted me with warm, open arms with the knowledge that I'm agnostic and had (and still have) no interest in pursuing an indoctrinated faith. I can assure you this wasn't a temporary fix in hopes of me 'finding God' over the course of my time with them since my father, who isn't religious either, has been volunteering in their medical office for more than 25 years now. And if the religion thing helps, AWESOME! You are no less or more of a good person for that tickling your charitable fancy more - just make sure you actually freaking donate.



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