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Maria's October 2016 Rwanda Mission Trip

Organized by: Maria Tuttle

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It's almost time to go!!!
September 16, 2016

Satan is doing his bestto stop me from going...BUT GOD....!!!! Our final payment is due on 9/25, and I am asking for your help.  If you are See More


I traveled to Rwanda in September of 2015 and it was absoluteley life changing for me! The history of the Rwandan people is super interesting. Rwanda, in the early 1900's was a Belgian colony. The Belgians took it upon themselves to separate the people of Rwanda...a people that existed as ONE people since the beginning of time, into 3 classes of people. In essence, 3 different ethnicities, Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. Believe it or not, they were classified in this way, according to the size and width of their noses, the length of their necks and/or how many cows they owned. The Tutsi, (which was 14% of the population), had a more “European appearance” and as such, were given deference in government leadership and education opportunities. The Hutus, (which was 85% of the population), were agriculturists and menial job workers. This created a huge resentment in the Rwandan landscape. Over time, the Tutsi became frustrated with colonial rule and began anti-colonial activities, which spurred the Belgians to begin promoting the Hutus. Following Rwandan independence in 1962, the Hutus seized power and began planning the systematic cleansing the Tutsi from Rwanda. Tutsi were referred to as cockroaches and snakes and they were intentionally dehumanized. There were many “mini” genocides starting as far back as 1959 and hundreds of thousands of Tutsi were slaughtered. But in 1994, starting in April and extending to June, Hutu militia, government forces and general Hutu people terrorized the Tutsi, exterminating people using machetes, bats, machine guns and every brutal weapon you can imagine. In addition, women and girls were raped repeatedly by soldiers known to be HIV carriers to degrade them and leave them scarred. Many pregnancies resulted from this action, leaving infants to be born infected with HIV. As a result of this genocide, children were left without family…no parents, no known relatives; no identity. They truly believed that their lives didn’t matter…that they were no better than a cockroach. Kids as young as 6-7 years old, became in effect, “parents” of younger children. They had no examples of normal childhood and family life. They lack(ed) critical thinking skills, they did not know how to perform safe hygiene, food gathering and cooking skills, did not attend schools or even have schools to attend...and not knowing that God loved them. An entire generation of Rwandan people were left in need of intervention. Many ministries have risen up to fill the need. One such ministry that I have worked with is Solace Ministries, which served immediately following the genocide to comfort the widows and orphans. Solace celebrated 20 years in September 2015 and I was there to witness the impact that it has had in the lives of the people it serves. Solace provides a safe place for the widows and orphans to talk about the traumas they have suffered, arranges medical care, educates the people in ways to be self-sufficient…aids in agricultural needs…and the list goes on. On October 6-15, 2016, I will again be traveling to Rwanda and I am excited to announce a new ministry that has sprung up from a beneficiary of Solace Ministries, Yves Nyamushanja, who was 12 years old at the time of genocide. He has invited me to be on the board of ‘Hope for Children”. This ministry reaches farther than the widows and orphans, and will serve the needs of families. It is about building relationships, bring the love of Jesus to them, teach parenting and critical thinking skills and bring a foundational, biblical framework for life. I do need to raise the funds necessary for travel and I am hoping that you will feel moved to help me complete this mission trip. First and foremost, I am asking for you to partner with me in prayer, as there is no greater contribution that you can possibly make than to cover my team and I with prayer for God's will and work to be completed. Secondly, if you feel like you would like to contribute financially, that would be greatly appreciated! You can either contribute right here...or email me and I will tell you how you can contribute by writing a check. Either way, your gift is tax deductible. Thank you SO MUCH for considering participating in this mission.



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