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marina bo's Fundraiser:

Marina & Jay's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Jun 20, 2017


good day people,

We need to start our wedding but everything in life is way to much. We are trying to save money but it is so hard now these days.  We need money for...

  1. Airline tickets
  2. dress
  3.  Tuxedo 
  4. Wedding bands 
  5. hotel
  6. honeymoon ticket 
  7. the hall 
  8. food
  9. drinks
  10. flowers
  11.  Decoration 
  12.  Bachelor/bachelorette  Party
  13. lights
  14. A live band 
  15. dresses for groom
  16.    Texido for the males

There is so much to do, but we don't have the money. Life is great. God bless  and thank you for reading and  donating 




Our Causes

marina is working on selecting a charity so you can support Marina & Jay's Charity Wedding Registry.

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