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Meghan Goslin's Fundraiser:

Marine Corps Marathon with Meghan

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Meghan Goslin


IT’S MY TURN TO GIVE BACK! In 2016 I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon. While I know that this will be a difficult challenge for me physically, I know that I will be just fine mentally with the support of all of my fellow Eagles out there. I won’t be doing this alone, and I want to help the organization that has helped me get to this point. 6 years ago I was told that I would never run again, and now I am preparing for the ultimate challenge of 26.2 miles! Here’s my story. Please help me give back to the organization that has supported me in my transition out of the military and helped me feel like I belonged to something again. In 2010 I sustained a brain injury while deployed to Afghanistan. Through several grueling months of the worst pain in my life, countless doctor’s and specialty appointments, my neurologist told me that amongst other things I would never run again. The side effects of my injury caused me to lose my peripheral vision, and damaged to my optic nerve, both of which cause lots of blurry vision. I am sure you can envision the other side effects that come along with blurry vision and motion. Add those to the excruciating headaches, and chronic pain, I was miserable, a lot of the time. I wasn’t the best runner, nor was it really my favorite thing to do, but I also am not one to accept defeat. I also knew, that in order to not be as miserable, I needed to do something that I felt good about. I bought a pair of brand new running shoes and started running, and even started to like it. In 2013 I ran my first 5K post injury. I felt good! My muscles were sore, but other than that I was fine. I ran 3 more races that year to include, an 8K and the Army 10 Miler. In 2014, I stepped up my game a little bit and ran several more 5k’s and the Army 10 miler again. However, 2015 I made it my year. In 2015, after no training for several months due to hospitalization and severe side effects from the TBI, I decided to run my first half marathon, in February. Right up until the time I crossed the starting line, I thought I was crazy for attempting this. Running 13.1 miles after not running for 4 months solid was a crazy idea, or so I thought until I crossed the finish line. I cried, I cried so hard crossing that finish, because I had known that I had just beaten the odds. I did, what my doctor had said was impossible. Second to having my children, it was the most euphoric feeling I had ever felt. I ran 7 more half marathons, the Army 10 miler, and numerous 5k’s and 10Ks in 2015 alone. That’s huge for someone, who was told they wouldn’t run again. With every triumph comes those behind the scenes. In May 2015, after completing my second half marathon, I had a member of Team RWB come up to me and congratulate me on finishing. I had never heard of Team RWB, and I had never met this individual before. When I got home, I looked up Team RWB, and knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of this organization. I showed up to my first Team RWB run, and they instantly made me feel like family. It was the same type of brother/sisterhood that one would have in the Military. It was beyond the greatest feeling of all, and it continued any time I saw a fellow Eagle. It didn’t matter what race I was running, or if I knew the fellow Eagle, they would encourage you, and let you know that you aren’t alone out there, and it doesn’t stop on the run. Team RWB is out there helping so many Veteran’s and family members of Veterans in various ways. From encouragement on runs, bike ride, wounded warrior games, to helping them move and relocate, helping with readjustment periods and most of all just helping with the sense of belonging again. With the amount of lives that Team RWB has helped it only seems appropriate to give back to the organization that helped me feel a part of something again. Please help me support Team RWB, while they continue to support others!



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