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Mark Forced to Flee to Russia for Exposing USA Corruption

Organized by: John Dougan

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J. Mark Dougan began a whistleblower website in 2009 called, dedicated to exposing corruption in law enforcement by giving law-enforcement officers an anonymous place to post their grievances. Upon starting, Mark became the target of numerous criminal investigations in an effort to shut down his website, in which one Internal Affairs lieutenant was quoted as saying, “We have nothing on this guy. We keep running into brick walls. We are looking for anything we can find on this guy to take his servers.” Mark’s website exposed numerous scandals for law enforcement in Palm Beach county, including murders, rapes, thefts, assault and battery, crimes against children and significant violations of moral turpitude committed by officers of all levels. He has exposed not only criminal violations, waste, fraud and abuse committed by these officers, but exposed their close ties to the FBI local media, as well. Everything was spoken about on his web site, and documented in a document repository. In 2012, The Sheriff of the county attempted to purchase Mark’s website for $80,000 with taxpayer money and Dougan refused. When that failed, Chief Deputy Michael Gauger filed a civil SLAPP suit against Dougan, letting the case sit almost completely idle for four years, but using the case to investigate Dougan, and using four years of manpower and time under the guise of a criminal investigation to provide his personal attorneys with information in an attempt to find a reason to proceed with the civil case. In 2015, Mark became a key witness in a civil murder trial where Sgt. Michael Custer, who under suspicious circumstances, shot and killed unarmed Seth Adams in the dark fenced-off parking lot of Mr. Adams’ rural home. The Sheriff’s Office began harassing and intimidating various members of Dougan’s family as apparent retaliation, even hiring an investigator to chase after his wife and kids through their neighborhood. Soon after, Mark obtained audio of detective Kenneth Mark Lewis bragging to a romantic interest how they have been working in conjunction with the FBI to “find any reason” to incarcerate Dougan, citing they have failed to do so despite years of investigation because Dougan is protected by the 1st Amendment. Det. Lewis admitted to hacking his social media accounts, email accounts and other crimes in an effort to secure probable cause for Dougan’s arrest. Det. Lewis and another PBSO employee also told how they can plant digital evidence to implicate someone in a crime and have them arrested. Det. Lewis continued to speak about celebrating Dougan’s death, and said when they finally get him in “their jail,” they are going to have him raped by a big black rapist, and Mark won’t have any choice. These audio recordings were posted online for the world to hear, giving a further black eye to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. In 2016, someone posted a list of public records containing the names and addresses of thousands of law enforcement officers in Florida. These records had originally been published on various government websites throughout Florida. Using this as an excuse, law enforcement raided Dougan’s home, took all of his computers, and though the search warrants never mentioned anything about documents within the scope of the search, they took all of Dougan’s files regarding corruption and ethics investigations on various members of law enforcement. All evidence of wrongdoing by law enforcement officers were seized. Dougan was never arrested and was told he was not under investigation, though an inside law-enforcement source told him they were going to try and find or make up any reason to lock him up and have him killed in jail for embarrassing law enforcement and exposing so much corruption within their ranks. That claim, coupled with Det. Lewis’ own admissions captured on audio, made Dougan flee to Moscow, Russia, for his life and safety, leaving behind everything he owned or loved, including his two children, a six-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl, with his wife. For their own personal safety, Mark could not confide in or ask for help from his family. He fled with a bag of clothing and just a thousand dollars to Moscow, Russia, where he made his request for political asylum. We ask for your donations to help Mark start his life over in Russia, away from the persecution from the US Government who use their positions of authority to silence critical dissidents, and to continue his fight in exposing the culture of corruption in law enforcement.


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