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Want to find the answers to the unknown?

Want to see a man-made black hole?

Using a new math that shows that numbers are not man-made symbols, but are actually real, you will see and understand the answers to these questions.

Learn about:

A particle that does not bend, but causes everything in the universe to curve around it.
The three toroidal number patterns that are the basis to all mathematics (the pattern of numbers traversing the toroidal surface in, out, and around).
The universe as an ecological system of renewal.
Your body being made out of countless stars of the past.
Proof of an omniscient supreme being.
Making a coil that produces unlimited free energy.
A number grid that shows the underpinning geometry of the universe.
How everything is a torus.
Making a propulsion source that can take you anywhere in the universe.
Artificial Intelligence based on a binary triplet.
The Aetheric Template in DNA that guides evolution.
The repeating number pattern that solves pi and demonstrates it to be a whole number.
A mathematics in which numbers do not move, but the functions move instead.
How numbers form a 3D solid geometric object.
The secret of a gyroscope -- why it vertically lifts itself upright.
Wormholes, nested vertices, portals, and doorways.
Why Dimensions are a result of how things move through space.
The preferred frame of reference to the universe is based upon the fixed constant number 9.
Number crunching and encription compression done through cross addition.
The labrynth maze of the Doubling Circuits where they invert in the center.
World boundary conditions and inversion seams of nested vortices.
The bilateral symmetry of the decimal system resulting in polar number pairs having parity by being perfect mirrors of one another.
The zero is always in the center in the form of the vortex hole.
Multiplication series are unbroken rings from cross sections of the torus.
A number cannot be created or destroyed and zero does not exist on a number line or in any multiplication series.
The number 9 is the node and represents Spirit.
The numbers 3 and 6 represent the Yin and Yang in the form of magnetism and the number 9 is the S curve.
The base ten numerical counting system is triangulated.
Infinity has an epicenter.
The powers of ten occur by halfing.
The torus skin models harmonic cascadence.



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