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Marley's Fund

Organized by: Hannah Carroll

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This is just a plea for help to anybody that's willing.. I have a 7 year old golden retriever. His name is Marley and he's my registered service dog. I've had him since he was 9 weeks old and we've trained together and have worked together and made each other better. Recently I found out that he's going to need surgery.. A simple talk to my vet about having him neutered turned into actual cancerous problems.. I've tried reaching out to friends and family alike but nobody seems to have the time or money to help at all.. I live on my own and work part-time; so I'm barely getting by. If anybody is willing to help Marley get his needed surgeries I'd be more than grateful... He's all I have right now, and he's my best-friend.. Thanks in advance to anyone even taking the time to read this and to anyone thought about donating or would like to and can't and much much love and graciousness to anybody who can donate and will. ThankYou.


My name is Hannah Carroll. I am 20 years old and I'm trying to help my dog fight cancer. I've loved all sorts of animals since I was very young; started off with cats and progressed to dogs. I was only a toddler when my family had our first dog, she was a boxer named Abby; she was a sweet, fat old girl. We had to give her up because we soon found ourselves without reasonable house accommodations. My parents split right after this and we parted ways. My mom, brother and I. Years later my mom and brother came across a stray puppy(he looked like a beagle but never got very big), we called him DJ. He was covered in fleas and attempting to eat a dead frog when they found him. DJ was with us for about a year or so before he ran off and was consequently hit by a car.. I was about 9. A while later we moved and adopted a new pup at an adoption event; he was an Australian shepherd mix and just as cute as he could be. We decided to name him Kobe. Kobe was the first dog I had that I could actually claim as my own, I was expected to take care of all his needs and though being only 10 I thought I was up for the job. Kobe had lots of energy and was always playing. He'd have to be crated when I went to school though or he'd end up chewing things up. We ended up moving again, only this time Kobe came with us. When we got to our destination we didn't have anywhere to stay so we moved in with my grandparents and their two smaller dogs.(Also males) The tension grew with all that testosterone in the house and Kobe started to act dominantly towards the other dogs. He even went so far as to urinate and defalcate on my grandparents bed.(Also where the other two dogs slept.) I was too young to know how to train him and my grandparents wanted him out of the house.. I convinced my dad to adopt him and look after him for me. This lasted a while but soon Kobe proved too much for them as well.. We put him in the local paper under the "free" section and he was scooped up by a gentleman immediately. I cried for days. The good news was the man didn't live too far away, so we went and visited until we found out that the man and his family were taking in free dogs and then selling them for profit. I never saw Kobe again... Moving forward, it was 2+ years before I ever even thought about wanting another dog. In the years since Kobe and DJ I took it upon myself to research and learn as much about dogs as I possibly could. I viewed dog training videos online and watched shows like "It's me or the dog" and Caesar Milan's "Dog Whisperer". I learned a lot in that time frame and then thought I was ready to try this dog thing one more time. I begged and pleaded with my grandparents and they finally, after months, gave in. I found a very nice breeder of golden retrievers(my favorite breed) right in my city! We looked at her available pups online and as it turned out she had just whelped a litter! We contacted her and made a date to go over and check them  out. There were only 2 puppies left by then, one boy and one girl. I immediately went for the female as she was stumbling towards me as quick as her little legs could go(while her brother hogged the food bowl.) I fell in love with her instantaneously. But my grandmother didn't want a female and told me to have a look at the male pup instead. After several attempts to get his attention he waddled over and plopped into my lap. I was thrilled. After some price negotiation we were able to take him that day and I haven't looked back. I had read the book "Marley and me" and right before adopting this pup had watched the movie as well. Seeing as we got him on clearance and the fact that he was a handful, it seemed only fitting that he be named "Marley", and so it was. I was 12, going on 13. He was 9 weeks. My mom had left and I was to stay with my grandparents. I didn't hear much from my dad. It was a really hard/rough time in my childhood.. I had to start a new school. Make new friends; which I was never good at. The only good part was coming home to Marley's wiggly self. 7 years later, he's still the best thing to ever happen to me. After years of poor luck with dogs, I found him in a perfect scenario. He is what lights up my days and nights. There's nothing I wouldn't do for this dog because he's literally my best friend and I love him to ends of this earth. I know a lot more than I did back then and I'm still learning. Marley can now do all kinds of spectacular things. And he helps me more than words can explain. He deserves to live life to the fullest for being such a great animal and an amazing companion that's loyal, compliant, a sweetheart and sometimes just a tad bit smelly. Please help me keep my best-friend. 


Organized by

Hannah Carroll

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