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Hello, My name is Martha. I'm 23 and I live in Bucharest. This is the very first time I turned to crowdfunding. Why? Well, recently, I got my Iphone stolen. One year ago that wouldn't have bothered me that much, as I am not that much into gadgets and I can always use a more basic phone. In the last few months, though, I started my own little ,,business'' . It's an online vintage clothes shop hosted on ASOS(link It's just starting to catch on a bit and I really pour my heart into this stuff, because I love clothes. I try to turn every single order I get into a special experience. I mix my love of poetry into it. I like to think I ,, ship poetry ''. You can see what I am talking about on my Instagram: every package is custom made and accompanied by a poem and a matching illustration . ( Instagram link ) Ironically, I got my phone stolen while I was digging around for unique clothes in a Bucharest shop. I really need a reliable phone, because I use a lot of social media apps, e-mail, I manage any orders I get and I need a pretty good camera to market my clothes..all in one ( that’s because I do not own a separate camera, to take pictures ) Right now, my best friend is helping me to upload photos to Instagram, but that can’t last forever. Plus, I need a good phone for my day time job, as I am on the run a lot. Times are quite tough down here in Bucharest and I really can't afford to buy a new phone. I make ends meet between my day job and my boutique, but that's about it. My boutique is more like a passion for me. I just love clothes and sharing them with the world. I intend to buy an Iphone, second hand, if you are so kind as to help me. Until I get the money together it will be tough to manage my boutique, so I try to get a hold of a new phone as soon as possible. Any help is precious. I still believe in kind and understanding people, like I always strive to be, even though, a complete stranger, with a simple malevolent gesture made it so much harder to do the thing I love.



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