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BENEFITING: GirlVentures


EVENT DATE: May 07, 2016

Marya Smith


Four years ago I joined GirlVentures, a program designed to empower young girls to show their strengths and leadership through outdoor activity. Welcomed by a breath of girls from all over the Bay Area; San Francisco, Berkley, Inner City Oakland, East Palo Alto, ect. I was opened up with a whole new perspective. While setting out on a two-week journey with girls I had never met before we shared more laughs and smiles, experiencing a kind a support from one another that I had never truly felt any other time in my life. These girls were more than just people I met at summer camp, they were my new best friends. Although we came from different corners of the Bay Area, shared different lives, ethnicities, stories, and more we were ten unlikely girls that came together to form one huge family in two short weeks, finding the strength to conquer our fears and become true leaders.

After completing a course in 8th and 9th grade I took the position as an assistant instructor last summer and will be doing the same again this year. This is an opportunity to share my experiences with young leaders. In addition I have been a part of the Girl Advisory Board, a group of girls built up of alumni that have completed summer courses. As a group we are working to raise money for other girls to have the same opportunities we were given.

Girlventures has developed year round courses that give girls the opportunity to build on skills starting in 6th grade all the way through high school.  After completing these courses we hope for girls to live healthy, relate wisely, and lead confidently. Girlventures is important to our community as it gives girls the chance to thrive in their strengths and develop new skills leading them in a confident direction. GirlVentures lead me to step forward and become a leader. This spring, May 7th, GirlVentures will be hosting a hike for girls where we will be working to raise money to support programs and scholarships for girls who wish to attend these courses. I have set a personal goal for myself to raise $350 for this outstanding program. If you would like to donate you can go to my fundraising page below and help empower women today!

Thank You. 


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