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Protecting Maryland's Babies, Bees and Bay from toxic pesticides Tax ID 46-3713793


Maryland Pesticide Education Network is unique—we successfully work at the state level enacting first-in-the-nation pesticide policies, practices and laws, that protect babies, bees and the Bay. We advocated and won passage of three Maryland laws that broke the vice-grip of the billion-dollar pesticide industry with landmark pesticide protections. These laws have become models and inspiration for other states to follow suit. The laws:

1) Protect children from unnecessary pesticide exposure in schools (Integrated Pest Management in Schools Law,1998) 

2) Remove bee-killing neonicotinoids from the consumer home and garden market (Pollinator Protection Act, 2016) No bees—no food! 

3) Keep Maryland pollinator habitat planted on state land free from chemicals that harm pollinators (State Pollinator Habitat Law, 2017)     

The time to act is NOW in the face of an assault from over 1 billion pounds of toxic pesticides, applied every year in the U.S., poisoning our food, our bodies, our children, our air, drinking water, soil, wildlife, our insect, animal and aquatic food webs.  

The time to act is NOW because we can’t count on the federal government to protect us. A glaring recent example: Shortly after taking office, EPA Secretary Pruitt decided to ignore the overwhelming science proving Chlorpyrifos harms children’s brains, reversing the agency’s own 2016 recommendation to ban it, as European nations have already done. Pruitt approved chlorpyrifos use, even though the EPA’s own research found that levels in our food are unsafe. 

Public safety is at risk and states are the key battlegrounds to win reversals of toxic back door deals, perpetrated against public safety by the pesticide industry.  

You CAN make a difference. The battle to protect the health of people, wildlife, our food supply and water is in the hands of state organizations, like the Maryland Pesticide Education Network. Help us do the crucial educational work so legislators and the public understand what's at stake.  

Take action with Maryland Pesticide Education Network to protect our most vulnerable and precious future, our children.    

Maryland Pesticide Education Network is a modern day David & Goliath story. The pesticide industry is valued at $65 billion annually and spends millions to confuse the public. In Maryland, we are working smart, building a grassroots coalition of 80+ organizations called the Smart on Pesticides Campaign and we are winning passage of crucial pesticide protection laws, educating the public and elected officials on harm from dangerous pesticides, and empowering consumers to make healthier choices. Learn more about our programs, like our work to reduce pesticide use in health care facilities; the Pesticides and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Project, that works to reduce pesticide runoff; the Go Organic! Vote with Your Fork, Vote with Your Choices Campaign, and our 20+ year track record at 

We need your help to meet a funding shortfall. We are lean and nimble, so your donation will sustain our groundbreaking work.    

Be a Worker Bee.  $25 will fund one hour for our grassroots coordinator to perform the many tasks that make our coalition work effectively. 

Be a Baby Bodyguard. $100 will arm citizen lobbyists to educate legislators and policymakers on the dangers of pesticides. 

Be a Campaign Champion. $250 will help fund an action alert or a petition drive  

SUPPORT THIS CRUCIAL WORK. HELP US win more victories against pesticide profiteers and DONATE generously.   

Thank you!