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Mary Ormond
Mary Ormond
Wahiawa, HI United States
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What are the Symptoms of IBC? Something I did not know 1 year ago today a 34 year old MOM of 5 small babies ( 3 and under ) Why the heck in my busy life would I need to know these I am 10 years before I need to get my boobs checked WRONG !
Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) symptoms may include:
• Breast swelling, which one breast is suddenly larger than the other
• Breast that feels warm to touch and may look infected
• Itching or shooting pain
• A dimpling of the breast skin that looks like an orange peel (peau d’orange)
• Ridges or thickening of the skin
• Flattened or discolored nipple
• Swelling in underarm or only on one side of neck
• Might feel lump, however lumps are not common in IBC

For me it was a little red in Aug thought nothing on it got on antibiotics for a sinus infection it went away , Sept and Oct came and I felt fine Nov. It started to feel swollen and engorged thought nothing of it because that was either a sign that babies were done and I was going to start my period or someone snuggled to much. Then came Dec mid Dec I got the engorged feeling , red skin , and warm so I thought infection and made an app for the 10th of Jan to see my Dr after Christmas and New Year. Over the 2 weeks started to get the orange look and lost my nipped …. No lump so I thought oh bad infection went in on the 10th for the well baby and my app Dr did an exam and set a mammogram at Tripler . 21st came and by then I had all of the symptoms of IBC but did not know it was IBC , the tech was sweet did the mammogram took me to a tiny room where a bunch of Dr’s were and told me they needed to ultrasound , my friend who was with me was in shock as they did measurements . They told us to go get lunch and come back in 30 min for a core biopsy ( that hurts like hell ) did it and they sent me home.The 21st was a Wed my Dr called me that afternoon and told me not to google till we had the results so I waited I had a dental app on Friday went and on the way home my Dr called I pulled over and she was in tears when she told me it was Inflammatory Breast Cancer . She did all the steps and set me up on where to go next for care and treatment.

This is the new me still an Active mom , still in treatment , and still living to live. As part of my living I want to learn more and help more its just who I am . Everyone who knows me knows I do not just go head strong into things  I plan , I over plan , a flip flop , and then finally my dear sweet caring husband shoves me right were I need to be SO after months of looking for a post treatment help we found this . I am setting this up for people near and far who want to help support me moving on from treatment into the next chapter of this journey and to help me get the resources to do so. But in the End of it all we all know why I am fighting , why I am moving on .... I have 3 little ladies I am fighting for so they never have to face this monster and if they do the resources are there for them.


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