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Mary Rodgers

Mary Rodgers
United States
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California is one of the first states to legalize marijuana, both medicinal and recreational use. Even though the history of legalization was a rollercoaster ride, it is now currently shaping the cannabis industry throughout the country; this is all thanks to the approved Proposition 215 (medical use of cannabis) and the Proposition 64 (the Adult Use of Marijuana Act). 

However, despite the flourishing industry, the new safety laws and regulations on marijuana dispensaries have become strict; restricting the non-compliant cannabis businesses from dispensing cannabis products. 

If you are residing in California, and you wanted to start a cannabis business, here are the legal ways how to become a cannabis entrepreneur.

1.    Choose the right location 

Not because cannabis has been legalized statewide, each state allows commercialization of cannabis; so, before putting up the business, make sure to check your county or city law about cannabis commercialization. If it does, you have to check if the city allows the proposed business area because there are cities that rule out the strict law on business location.

2.    Know the new state law about cannabis dispensary

On July 1st, the new era of cannabis commercialization law and regulation was unveiled with new strict rules. According to the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, the licensed retailers have to follow new business requirements when it comes to testing, packaging, labeling, and dispensing of cannabis products; this includes:

•    The untested cannabis products are not allowed to be dispensed.
•    Each package of non-edible cannabis products must not have more than 1,000 mg of THC (in dispensing adult-use of marijuana).
•    Each package of non-edible cannabis products must not contain more than 2,000 mg of THC (in dispensing medicinal marijuana).
If you want to get to know more of these, check this page out for legal resources.

3.    Apply for a license to operate

In any form of business, you have to apply for a license to operate; what makes cannabis business industry unique are the challenges you’ll face when obtaining for a business license. You have to obtain local license to operate and state license; depending on what type of cannabis business you want to operate, you have to obtain the approval from government agencies, including:

•    The Bureau of Cannabis Control
•    The Department of Food and Agriculture
•    The Department of Public Health

To make it easy, check this helpful site; it is a business-to-business directory in the Cannabis industry, making it easy for new business venturers. 

4.    Set up your business

If you have obtained the necessary approvals, your next step is to set up your business, which also includes the entire business structure. Also, you have to place it on listing for easier business operation – it is a business directory that enables you to get faster resources on any professional services in the Cannabis industry.

Final thoughts

Cannabis is still one of the most controversial plants around the world; despite all the restrictions and negative opinions, California and other state believes that there are a lot of health benefits when consuming cannabis products. 

If you want to start a cannabis business, you have to be tough because the rules and regulations in dispensing cannabis are now becoming stricter.



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