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Team Flower Fairies! At the Massachusetts Horse Benefit Adventure Trail

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Our animal companions are more than just pets to many people.  They are family members, heroes and confidantes. They cheer us up, center us and elevate us.  When I ride,  I am taken to places that would be virtually inaccessible to me on foot.  I get closer to Nature. I feel free and happy.  My guys also reflect the best parts of me and force me to drop my baggage at the door in order to bring out the best in them. It is for all of these reasons that I work hard to keep them in my life and to share them with my friends and family.  I want to share this majesty and magic with all of the people I care about.

  Although all of my dogs have been rescues, my equine boys came to me through responsible owners who made the decision to rehome them to me knowing that I would be a forever home for each of them.  This is a promise I make to them everyday!  Many people do not make plans for the care of their animals in cases of  illness, death, job loss or a plummeting economy.  When this happens horses are often  abandoned, neglected or sold down the rode. Not every horse has that remarkable person to pull them off the auction circuit when they break down, like my Zippedy had.  Nor does every mule find a soft place to land after they are seized from an abusive situation like my Pickles did.  Both of my guys could easily have ended up in a rescue/shelter or worse.  They were  the lucky ones! 

The horses at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm are some of the lucky ones too!  They have also found a soft place to land for a time.  A place to recover from abuse or neglect. A place to receive medical care for injuries of misuse or illness. A place to learn to trust and bond again.  Even a place to advance their schooling or retrain their minds and bodies to become useful equine partners again.  All of this done in the hope that they can be placed back in a home with their own people to love and be loved by.  Every placement means another sad case can be taken in and recovered.  I wish I could say that this cycle has an ending, but unfortunately there will always be cases for them to take in.  There will always be natural disasters that affect animals too.  There will always be a need for rescues and shelters. There will always be a need to fundraiser for organizations like this. 

Today I ask you to decide if you can give just a little bit to help support the MSPCA. A little bit from a lot of people will make a huge difference.  I wish you could all come and compete in this event with me to raise more money, hey maybe next year! But until then please help me to raise as much money as possible for a great organization. 


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