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Massachusetts Senior And Assisted Living...

Massachusetts Senior And Assisted L...
CROWDRISE : Apr 12, 2017
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BASED: Waltham, MA, United States


Massachusetts Senior And Ass...

Improve Assisted Living

MA-SALC Foundation supports quality improvement and workforce development to provide the best possible senior living experience of Massachusetts seniors through research, development of best practices and encouragement of a caring, dedicated workforce to serve the seniors living in assisted living or senior housing.

In the next 20 years, the need for services targeting older Massachusetts residents will grow, as “Baby Boomers begin to reach retirement age.  This shift in demographic composition will create new challenges for public and private programs designed for older people, according to the Gerontology Institute at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  In 2010, the population of persons aged 65 and over made up approximately 14% of the state’s total population.  By 2030, more than one in five (21%) of the state’s residents will be in this age group.

Similarly, a growing share of the older population will be among the oldest-old (those 85 and older) representing nearly 212,000 individuals, or about 3% of the state’s total population.  In the past, this segment of the older population has been at the greatest risk for acquiring chronic disease and disability, predicting great future demand for services that enhance health and enable independence among the Commonwealth’s older residents.

This growing oldest-old population in need of services that enhance health and enable independence is the primary groups who will be seeking to reside in assisted living.  This means that now is a critical time to thoughtfully plan how we can improve quality of life for our state’s aging population.  As one option within the landscape of living environments, and currently serving more than 15.000 older adults around the state, assisted living will play a key role in these efforts.  Assisted living’s core values of independence, dignity, and choice make it a preferred option for those seniors who desire to “age in place” in a residential setting, while its community atmosphere and wide range of support services keep seniors engaged, healthy and safe while preventing loneliness.

As assisted living plans for what will most likely be unprecedented demand in the years ahead, leaders from residences around the state are working together to advance opportunities to improve seniors’ quality of life through assisted living.  They are also developing solutions to challenges that will emerge as more and more Massachusetts residents require age-related support.

The Massachusetts Senior and Assisted Living Communities Foundation, Inc.(MASS-SALC Foundation) has been developed out of these efforts.  MASS-SALC promotes research, education, and workforce development activities to keep assisted living a safe, accessible and affordable option for more seniors who would benefit from this unique model.  Founded in 2015 and located in Waltham, MA, MASS-SALC is a 501 (c ) 3 charitable non-profit organization incorporated under Massachusetts Chapter 180 of the General Laws and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Foundation is affiliated with the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association, Inc. (MASS-ALA), a 501 (c ) 6 non-profit trade association representing over 90%  of the assisted living residences in the Commonwealth.

MASS-SALC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of eleven community leaders. Six of the Directors also serve on the Board of Directors of MASS-ALA, and five are chosen from the assisted living industry, business partners or academic leaders.

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