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Hi, I’d like to introduce a local cause that can help all of our futures. You may have heard about the budget cuts facing our public schools. I have decided to help one of these schools and sponsor the kids in one of these classrooms in need. As a Mather Classroom Champion I am dedicated to help raise funds for Lucy Wilson's 1st grade class. Let me introduce you to the Mather and Ms. Wilson and I hope you’ll see why I have decided to get involved.

America’s first elementary school.
The Mather Elementary School, is the first public elementary school in North America, located in the historic Meeting House Hill neighborhood of Dorchester. The recession has taken a serious toll on the Mather and all Boston Public Schools. Over the past two years, budget cuts have left classrooms in need of materials and supplies – let alone Smartboards and other educational technology.

Meet Lucy Wilson
Lucy is in her fourteenth year at the Mather where she currently teaches 1st grade. What impresses her most about her students is their eagerness to learn something new and the sheer amount of work they accomplish in a year. “This past year, I didn’t even realize how much work we did until it was time to pack up my classroom and pass out my students work,” she says. “It really says a lot about the work ethic and appreciation they have for what we teachers are doing here at the Mather.”

She hopes that contributions from the Mather Classroom Champions will help her classroom participate in a lot more “enjoyable” activities. “Since the budget cuts, we have had to sacrifice a lot of important hands-on, developmental-focused activities,” she says. “I like doing arts and craft activities, science experiments and planning special celebrations. This year, I had to make a lot of my own games because of the lack of funds. I also couldn’t afford to let the kids take book home or participate in field trips because of the expense.”

In addition to funding in-class experiences, Ms. Wilson hopes that her classroom will receive much-needed classroom materials, supplies and technology, including a working computer with internet access, educational software, a book binding machine, listening center with headphones and a screen for her overhead projector. “What I love about the Mather is that we all share information and work together to solve a problem,” says Wilson. “It’s great to know that there are other caring individuals out there willing to lend a hand so that our students can succeed.”

Here’s how you can help:

• Make a tax-deductible donation today.
• Encourage your friends and family to make a donation.
• Sign up to volunteer by contacting Principal Cox at

I hope you can help me raise the funds to bridge the gap in funding in Ms. Wilson's class. Any contributions will help. See the list below for how your contribution can help. Thank you. Officer Gross

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