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Mattapan on Wheels 2018

Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo
Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo
Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo
Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo
Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo
Mattapan on Wheels 2018 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jul 21, 2018

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 31, 2018

What are we fundraising for?

  • Mattapan on Wheels 2019
  • Youth Bike Summit '18 (New York)
  • Bike Repair Workshops in Mattapan
  • Stipends for our Youth


Why Fundraising Now?

Every year Mattapan on Wheels gets larger and we want to make sure we can put on the best event possible! Last year individuals asked about a way to fundraise and we wanted to make an option to fundraise for those who wanted to.  You can still donate on the registration page or on the day of.

Don't want to fundraise? Don't worry about it! This is an FREE event, so whether you donate or not you can still participate. Just click the register button.


What is Mattapan on Wheels anyway? What makes it special?

MoW is a biking event put on to raise awareness about bike-ability in the Mattapan community and a way to bring the community together through physical fitness. It features 2-3 routes that showcase the beauty of Mattapan and shows participants how to get from Mattapan to another part of the city!


What makes the event special:

  • The entire event is run by youth, 14-18, from registration table to the leading the bike routes. 
  • Local cyclists volunteer to be bike mentors and practice the routes with the Vigorous Youth until they feel confident! They also ride with them the day of!
  • Volunteers help us with ride marshalling (keeping participants safe), getting the word out, helmet decorating, and much more!
  • Community support! We get a ton of support from the Mattapan community and other organizations. The Boston Cyclist Union and our new friend CrimsonBikes provides bike tune-ups, Boston Bikes lends us bikes for participants to borrow the day of, ABCD Mattapan lets us borrow tables, Breakstone, White & Gluck provides helmets and so many other supporters!


Mattapan on Wheels 2011-2017

2011 25 participants       2012 60 participants              

2013 75 participants       2014 65 participants

2015 110 participants     2016 140 participants

2017 150 participants (raised enough to put on MoW 2018 and for 2 of our Vigorous Youth to attend the Youth Bike Summit in VA)


Our Vigorous Youth do more than just biking! Visit our Facebook Page too view more pictures!











Team Organizer's Photo

Vigorous Youth

Amount Raised: