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My four yr old with cerebral palsy

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My son is the brighest, sweetest most caring son god could have ever put on this earth for me. About a year ago we noticed him starting to stumble and loose balance and tripping alot.  Doctors said he would grow out of it.  We also noticed him walking on his tipy toes all the time.  Dr app after dr app and bill after bill and a year later they finally disganoise him with cerbral palsy. A condition that could affect his ability to walk ever again.  Well how did this affect us you may ask...  It has taken a tremendous toll on our lives and marriage.  We both work so hard everyday but these bills have just drown us in debt.  And then with this surgery they are wanting to do asap we are looking at another 7,000 after insurance for it and rehab.  We have 3 saved up now so i am reaching out to any grateful people to help make this childs dream come true.  I never really knew the meaning of giving until you are in fact the one that feels like you fell flat on your face and are in need.  It breaks my heart to think that just a year ago he was out playing running and jumping at the park and now its all it takes for him to just get through day to day.  I figured i would give this website a shot.  Ive met so many con artists online the last few days that have done nothing but tried to scam me and me be the one sending them money!  what a terrible world this has become.  So im hoping and praying there is maybe a few honest hard working people like myself that have the heart to help out another one in need.  Below is my address if you want to donate that way.  Anything is well appreciated,  We were hoping to get him done with surgery and close to finishing rehab before septemeber and he starts kindergarten but we shall see.  Only god has the answers for this terrible time we face but i believe he can use a few fellow good hearted people to help.  thank you and god bless.


Brian Cass

2314 Walnut Ave

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brian is working on selecting a charity so you can support My four yr old with cerebral palsy.