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Matthew needs tuition for educations.

Organized by: Del Fullum Sr.

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Debbie is a wonderful mother and a dear friend, But she needs your help. My own circumstances do not enable me to provide for her six children.She was married twice. The fathers of the childrens have abandoned them and moved on.They provide no support at all to their children or to Debbie herself.
Six year old Matthew has severe Down’s Syndrome, along with heart and lung problems and hypertension. Though he is a happy sweet child and in a special school funded by the township’s school system, his placement is not really sufficient for his needs. He requires more help than the school or Debbie is able to provide for him.
At his age, even with Down’s, he should be able to dress himself and do many of the activities of daily living. But, he cannot. This means that Debbie must dedicate an inordinate amount of time to his care. His medical problems exacerbate the time and difficulty of taking care of Matthew.
What We Need Debbie needs money, in the amount of $15,000, in order to get extended care for Matthew. We found a school that will cater to Matthew needs, but the tuition is out of reach for Debbie to pay.
With dedicated personal attention, Matthew can thrive; without it, he will not improve and will always be a burden. As with any disabled child, the struggle is to get early intervention to draw the best out of the child.
We want Matthew to have every chance in life that is available. But, without adequate funding, this is impossible.
Both the 12 and 13 year olds have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, severe enough that they are on a limited amount of state provided disability. They too need tutoring in order to thrive. With tutoring, their chances for a higher education are good and their futures can be secure. As things stand now, they are stagnating in public school and there is no extra money to give them the one-on-one attention they need and deserve. We are thinking of their futures, not only their immediate needs.
The Impact Debbie cannot make ends meet. She works part time now, but it is so hard for her to keep a job because Matthew’s school frequently calls and she has to rush to pick him up.
Whether the problem is behavioral or related to his medical disabilities, employers don’t always understand or they don’t have someone who can take over for her at a moment’s notice. The bottom line is that no matter how reliable Debbie intends to be as an employee, her duties as a mother have to come first. She has almost no extended family to help pick up the loose ends.
What makes things even more dire is that Debbie herself is not in good health as she suffers from a thyroid condition. Though she tries her hardest to ignore the effects of her health problems and to keep up with all of her responsibilities, she tires easily and employers do not want to hire her with a preexisting condition. Her bills for her thyroid medicine are between $400 and $450 each and every month.
Debbie gets no child support payments from former spouses, nor does she get disability payments for herself. She is not eligible for food stamps. Debbie used to be able to take public transportation. However, due to budget cuts and other significant transportation changes, the bus routes to her neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s outskirts have been suspended. To get public transportation is at least a 25 minute walk on a very hilly area with inadequate sidewalks.
This brings up one of Debbie’s most urgent needs: she desperately needs a new car. Currently she drives a 1999 Chevy Lumina with more than 205,000 miles on it. There are holes in the floor of the car and near the gas tank. It cannot pass inspection.
Though she lives in an apartment now, it is really not adequate.
The disability money received for the children barely covers the living expenses, including all utilities. There is little money left for food and none for clothing. Often, the food bank is the only source of food and nutrition. The kids are bullied at school because they do not look like the other kids when they wear hand-me-downs and clothes that do not fit. If Debbie had money to move into a better neighborhood with better transportation, or if she had a down payment to buy a house, her life would be enhanced significantly.
I am pleading on Debbie’s behalf for your help. She is a wonderful person – kind, smart, loving and well-meaning. She has the interests of her children and their futures as her top priority. She does not buy or do anything for herself, only for them.
When I offer to help her, she rejects my efforts, telling me instead to give to the children. She is truly selfless. Debbie would be eternally grateful if you could offer your help to her family.
Your money will be used:
To raised money for tuition for Matthew.
To buy a better car so that she can safely transport the children
To find a better apartment or make a down payment on a small house
To enhance the education of her children by providing them necessary special education and tutoring
To start a college fund for the 6, 12 and 13 year olds
To pay for nutritional food
To help pay for Debbie’s medication needs


Organized by

Del Fullum Sr.

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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