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Western North Carolina courts still favor men over women and their children in decision making . The value of marriage is degraded by these decisions that leave women and their children vulnerable when men choose infidelity. The courts impose no penalties for men who consciously choose to cheat on their wives. Infidelity is regarded as normal and expected in the course of marriage. I was specifically told by a judge that I had to "expect and tolerate bad behavior on my husband's part." I also learned that a marriage is legally over once a "husband removes his "smells good" (elsewhere known as deodorant) to a new residence, per Judge Ward Scott, Buncombe County family court. Judge Scott's decisions only make sense when couched in terms of bribery. For he also ordered me to sign over the deed to my house without compensation or face contempt of court charges. He made no provision for post separation support/alimony, and I was told to "get a job" after 17 years of marriage and sacrificing my career for my husband's and our children. The worst is that the Judge allowed my children to be used as pawns and gave full custody of my children to their father who has them living with a nanny while he lives elsewhere with the latest, much younger girlfriend. He seldom sees them. No one cares about what is happening to my children. I have had to declare bankruptcy to extricate myself from joint debt. I have no financial resources to fight this system. I've returned to a training program (fellowship ) for Neuroradiology. Although I earn a decent salary, which gives me earning potential in a year or so, it gives me no financial resources, now, when I need them, while in training. Additionally, the judge has recently decided that I should pay half my monthly take home pay towards child support. I can't afford to buy food!! It'll be at least six months and possibly 18 months before I can qualify for a higher salary. I need to get my kids back NOW. I need financial resources now!! My daughter is 6 and now can't remember our time living together from infancy until age 4. My 13 year old son has no guidance except my contact by Skype. Their father has purposefully disconnected the land line phone and confiscated cell phones I provided so that contact is limited against court orders with no repercussions. My children need their mother! Please help me raise funds to pay for legal fees and to restart my business in the next 6 months so I can earn enough pay for a decent attorney (an oxymoron really) to get my children back and support them until I can truly get back on my feet!! Please donate now and be a source of good and assist me. It'll have a positive effect on my children's lives and I'll have peace and strength to make a positive contribution to society. I will provide a piece of artwork made by me to each donor if you provide your address. Additionally, each donor who contributes $100 or more will receive a special "thank you" gift. Thank you.



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