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Rianna Goetting's Fundraiser:

Mayan Families General Fund - Where Most Needed

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Rianna Goetting


Hello, lovely person!

Please, help me to send support to rural Guatamalans and lift them out of poverty. Together, we can send emegency aid and health initiatives to those in critical condition, provide food, supply shelter, and support school sponsorship programs. 

If we can all afford a Starbucks coffee, we can afford to help these people who go days without food.  

A donation of as little as $5 can make a significant impact. So, I'm asking for the help from my friends, family, and peers: let's lift the spirits and well- being of these amazing people- one day at a time. 

$20 Provides general medicine
$27 Allows us to sterilize one dog or cat
$40 Provides a large basket of food
$56 Gives a family three egg-laying hens
$121 Buys a water filter that lasts 10 years
$170 Buys a bed and mattress
$186 Provides a fuel-efficient stove
$200 Feeds a family of 6 for one month

My Goal: $400 By the New Year= Feed a family of 4 for a YEAR

Side note: Some people are unaware that my little sister, Vanesa, was adopted from Guatamala at three years old. After studying the life she could've easily lived if it weren't for her contribution to my family, I believe I need to do what I can to help rural Guatamalans living in poverty: some of the most hard-working human beings on this Earth. 


Poverty levels in Guatemala are at a world- wide high.


- Half of the population (51%) live in poverty.

-17% of the population live below poverty line.

- Specifically, Rural Guatemalans

-49% of the population’s children are malnourished. That is the 4th highest rate in the world.


-Highest annual incidence of malaria in Central America. (In 2005 almost half of the registered malaria cases in Central America where in Guatemala)
-There is a 13 year gap in years of life expectancy between indigenous and non-indigenous people
-40% of the country lacks access to water and sanitation systems and have limited access to an adequate diet due to income restrictions.


-After- effects of a 36 year civil war

-Persistent political corruption

-Natural disasters such as the Tropical Storm Stan; Tropical Storm Agatha left Guatemala on May 30 2010, leaving 165 people dead, plus 113 missing and over 100,000 affected by the destruction of their homes, crops or livelihoods.

-One month later, tropical storm Alex added two more to the death toll and 2,000 to the number of material victims. Three years on families are still struggling to recover from the impact.

-Extremely high income inequality

-Regional differences (Ex: rural social exclusion)

-Subsistence agriculture challenges ability to make an income for farmers

-Adverse climate conditions in populated areas called Danger Zones

-High foreign debt

-Unequal pay for women

-Child labor

-El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala now constitute the most violent area in the world outside actual war zones.
Guatemala has more than 40 murders/week in the capital alone and 17 murders/day across the country.

-High crime rates

-Underdeveloped capital market

-Only 34% of women of reproductive age use a modern method of birth control, while almost a third report an unmet need for family planning.
-The fertility rate (4.4) is the highest in Latin America. At the current annual growth rate of 2.5%, the population is expected to double within the next 30 years.
In the past 50 years, the country’s population has quadrupled.



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