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The Theatre Ensemble (aka) Meadow Brook Theatre, is Michigan's largest professional producing theatre. Although the theatre has only had non-profit status since 2003, it has been providing the community with exceptional content for 45 years. Each year Meadow Brook Theatre produces a full season of 5 plays. This includes a comedy, a thriller or mystery, a musical, a classic and one Michigan premier of a newly adapted work by an established or emerging writer. In addition, there is an annual production of "A Christmas Carol."

This years season includes
The 39 Steps
Reunion: A Musical Epic
Ding Dong
Shout! The Mod Musical

Here's what people are saying about Meadow Brook Theatre:

Huge set pieces forming rooms and bus stations — absolutely covered with props — had to be maneuvered on- and offstage with precise timing to make the transitions feel artistic, purposeful, and smooth. Although the cast and crew could certainly have handled it, long, awkward blackouts during the scene changes would have ruined the flow, and it was a good decision to make them part of the show.

-Heather Bonner
The Detroiter

The entire cast was extremely cohesive and just overall amazing. Everyone in the cast had amazing vocal talent and it was a nice touch to have song added to some of the scenes

- Marisa Prano

A quick-thinking team of professionals, both on stage and off

– Donald Calamia
Encore Michigan

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