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Muslim Community And Health Center Tax ID 45-2385629


The mission of MCHC is to strengthen the Greater Milwaukee community and increase the well-being of its residents by providing free and charitable health care services, social services, counseling, emergency assistance,educational and job-training programs. MCHC’s guiding principles are based on the Muslim values of compassion, kindness, peace, and diversity.  MCHC strives to make quality, affordable health care not a privilege, but a right.  


MCHC is a professional run, non-profit clinic. Run almost entirely by limited paid staff and volunteer physicians.

      By supporting the clinic, you can also help gain in the reward,and fulfill the obligation of taking care of those in need. MCHC needs to reach its goal to expand its clinic from 2 clinic rooms to 4 clinic rooms.  The need to expand is greatly needed to make a significant difference in people's lives. 

Whosoever aids somebody in doing a good deed, gets the reward of it.

Share our need on social media, and email your contacts. 

Help us with furnishing our new Clinic Rooms:

$2500 buys a Clinic Exam Table

$1000 buys a Instrument Table

$950 buys a Physician Stool

$450 buys a Thermometer

$250 buys a Exam Light

$150 buys a Glove Dispenser

$100 buys a Blood Pressure


Fundraising Campaigns