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The mission of Meals On Wheels of Long Beach is to nourish, comfort and protect members of the community who are homebound due to age and/or medical problems.


Since 1971 Meals on Wheels of Long Beach (MOWLB) has been honored to support the isolated elderly, chronically ill, and disabled community members whose health is at a point of frailness, preventing them from being able to shop and cook for themselves. If left to fend for themselves, they subsist on inadequate meals, such as snacks that provide little or no nutritional value. This contributes to unhealthy weight loss, declining overall health, and an inability to regain health and strength after an illness or medical procedure.

MOWLB, with the support of over 300 dedicated community volunteers, delivers freshly prepared meals with a "friendly visit" to our homebound neighbors in the greater Long Beach area. Our meals are always nutritious and appetizing and include hot entrees with a protein, starch and vegetable along with salads, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. We work closely with our kitchen staff to ensure that the meals we provide are always a pleasure and never a punishment.  

The "friendly visits" provided by our army of trained volunteers, is an integral part of MOWLB’s delivery service. These visits provide what may be the only human contact experienced by our homebound clients each day. Each visit decreases their isolation and loneliness and creates relationships between clients and volunteers. Our "friendly visitors" are trained to observe every client during their delivery for signs of deteriorating health, emotional distress, elder abuse or neglect. These visits and the relationships they create between clients and volunteers insures that our clients are not alone and are safe during this critical time. 

It is vital for MOWLB to honor our seniors, veterans and disabled by serving them in ways that enhance their quality of life, especially during difficult times when they are struggling with issues that have debilitated them so severely that they require our services. Many of our homebound community members need your support to receive this valuable service. Please consider helping us to continue to reach as many of the homebound hungry & vulnerable people in our community as possible.