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CROWDRISE : Jan 04, 2014
Tax ID: 56-1752043
BASED: Charlotte, NC, United States



Helping Students Thrive

At MeckEd, we believe in the promise of ALL students. We believe effective educational systems, including wrap around services, enrichment programs, and community support systems prepare young people to meet the challenges of the world in which they will live.

MeckEd is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all children in Mecklenburg County have access to an excellent public education that results in the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to lead productive, successful lives.

We provide:

  • Social capital and serve as social navigators;
  • Experiences typically associated with well-resourced young people (job shadows, college visits, internships, community building activities);
  • Career Pathways for young people through extensive business and industry partnerships;
  • Out of School Time programing, Out of School Time professional development, programmatic alignment, and support.  In addition, we provide or arrange for transportation, child care, food, cost of training, costs associated with licensure, enrollment requirements, necessary equipment including computers, materials, clothing, in order to remove every possible obstacle to opportunity.
  • Data collection and analysis, and publish information that assists policy makers, funders, program providers, community stakeholders, and district and school leaders, in making informed decisions that support student success in and beyond school.

We advocate for:

  • policies and funding that support high quality Out of School Time experiences and workforce development opportunities;
  • field trips and transportation funding;
  • increases in the number of guidance counselors, and the training of guidance counselors;
  • increases in allocations for guidance counselors and Career and Technical Educators (CTE);
  • skill development, workforce training, and certification programs, as well as college, as attractive, viable post-secondary options.
  • a highly skilled workforce and a well-educated citizenry; and
  • the use of data to assist young people and families in making educational, training, and career choices.

Core Beliefs:

  • We know that school alone does not guarantee an education nor a successful life, much less an interesting and meaningful life. Young people need all of those experiences that are considered essential for a child being raised in a well-resourced household:  exposure to fine arts; to careers; different cultures; internships, travel; recreation; athletics, museums; and nature.
  • Schools and school districts were not designed to provide the experience, social capital and navigational support, that remove barriers to success.
  • To date, efforts have not been enough to ensure that those young people who face the most obstacles, have the experiences and supports to broaden their horizons, enrich their lives, expand their agency, and understand what is possible.


Tax ID: 56-1752043 •


Expanding MeckEd's Career Pathways

Expanding MeckEd's Career Pa…

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